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For about a year now I have made small updates here and there with things I have felt was needed for both my addon and framwork
With the idea to make it as simple as possible so that new editors only need limited to none scripting knowledge
So far I have not gotten any feedback, Only Issues (which is great) but not enough

Tonight's discussion are for anyone making missions or such and how we can simplify mission making and come up with new ideas.

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Are you going to take the advice on board or counter with reasons on why it works like it does?

If its the former dude I will come <3

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As usual I can't attend any discussion but my points going forward would be:


The current vehicle spawning system causes massive problems whenever I use it and is almost completely broken. The vehicles don't follow waypoints and are often incapable of moving at all, the crew members jump out and get stuck most of the time and you cannot use the system to spawn OPFOR aircraft of any type without the crew spazing out and crashing. This also applies to stuff like the Zeus CAS module which likewise results only in a crashed aircraft. Any attempt to fix these problems in Zeus goes completely mental and I ended up reverting to the vehicle spawner from the previous framework which works fine.

Obviously this needs to be overhauled urgently otherwise vehicles become a major problem in mission making. We also need a way to spawn aircraft without them crashing all the time.


The load out scripting needs to be much more transparent to allow editors a chance to adjust the mission equipment without having to dive through multiple layers of code and files. Comments in the load out scripts would be a good start but also common.sqf needs to have a documented way to change things so we can change flare ammo etc depending on the scenario.

While I get that we have set equipment that we use, there is a multitude of alternate variants of said equipment that simply do not get used since people don't know how to adjust these settings. As an example, when I made the diver gear for Deniable Presence I had to change details in 5 files, most of which has never been documented. As a result we always end up playing the same factions, in the same gear which does get a bit tedious.

You could also integrate the expanded factions that I've made. This gives us way more pre-configured factions to help new editors out without them having to script the stuff themselves.


I know there is a way to "blacklist" units from automatic gear allocation, so can we please remove the function that detects units that are zeused in and replaces their gear? If I place an AA soldier through Zeus I want an AA soldier, not whatever the framework decides to re-equip it as. This will make dynamic mission editing much easier.


Our recent move toward spec-ops/small unit gameplay has been great but the civilian life is still lacking a bit. We used to have the spawnCivilians function that worked fairly well. An improved version of this would add the immersion we need for these operations, especially with the new humanitarian stuff.

Functions to add lone wolf attacks or suicide bombers would also be a godsend to those that cannot script for themselves and would provide yet more immersion. At present these things only turn up in missions that are made by those of us with scripting experience and it shows.

The AAC:

The AAC are a misunderstood bunch. Our equipment is usually not suitable for purpose unless the editor takes the time to communicate with us and editors simply do not know what we are capable of or what to use for the given task. I made a standalone module in my alternate framework that automatically spawns the relevant equipment for most of our callsigns depending on the player faction. This would make a great addition to any clan framework going forward since the editor need only know what he wants the AAC to do, and delete some objects accordingly.

Further to this, we need the equipment for our other roles. We have Hunter configured now but that still leaves out our Paramedic, Jet Pilot and Mortar Teams. While I take the time to script these in properly, others do not as they expect the framework to do it for them. These teams are there to mix the mission up and keep things fresh, something that will benefit us all in the long run. To answer the question before it gets asked, yes our jet pilots need different equipment to our helicopter pilots simply to promote SERE/CSAR operations. This again will benefit everyone by making our missions more dynamic.

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Have to agree with all of @Jason comments above, some pretty fundumental stuff that would make editing less stressful.

This chat was interesting for a wannabe editos/scripters like myself to understand how the template operates and to get some insight from its creator as to how it all fits together as well as throw a few ideas at far superior coders.

I am therefore going to set up a session next Thursday for this very subject (forum post to follow). A non mandatory get together of editors alike to chat shit about editing and how to mould ARMA correctly hopefully helping to improve our skills and solving a few problems along the way, @Allmembers (i so wish i could do that in the forum).

Thanks for your time all...

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