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Hi guys,

I know some of us play DCS and I've been dicking around in the ME making content for the AAC open evenings.

This thread will store the links to all the stuff I've created that people may be interested in.

Enjoy and please let me know if you find any bugs or problems. Requests are also taken but I can only build content for DCSW, FC3, A-10C and UH-1 since these are the modules I own.


A-10C Training Campaign - Designed to take you from nothing to operational. No frills, no fancy tasks, by the end you will be able to blow stuff up and survive to tell the tale

A-10C Companion Videos - Recorded sessions showing the idea behind each mission to help you learn

GOL Clan Skin Pack - Clan colours and livery on our aircraft

Georgia Training Centre Normal Pack -

Single or Multiplayer enabled training maps. Pack contains daytime and nighttime versions.

Features include:

  • CTLD Script support for UH-1H logistics tasks including fully operational FARP and radio beacons for CSAR practice
  • Dedicated strafing range for UH-1H pilots
  • JTAC support scripting via CTLD
  • A-10C JTAC support from DCSW AI (must use A-10C to use this facility)
  • Unmarked range for target PID and acquisition practice
  • Strafe/Bomb lanes for competitive firing with scoreboards
  • Fully operational SAM site for evasion/SEAD training
  • OPFOR air contacts spawned on radio command for aerial combat training
  • All ground targets will respawn when destroyed. Air targets are spawned on demand and can be spawned as many times as is needed
  • Aircraft currently supported are:
    • Su-25T (DCS World Free to Play)
    • Su-25A (Flaming Cliffs)
    • Su-27 (Flaming Cliffs)
    • Su-33 (Flaming Cliffs)
    • MiG-29S (Flaming Cliffs)
    • A-10A (Flaming Cliffs)
    • F-15C (Flaming Cliffs)
    • A-10C (Standalone)
    • UH-1H  (Standalone)
    • Ka-50  (Standalone)
    • AJS-37 (Standalone)
    • AV-8b (Standalone)
    • Mi-8MTV2 (Standalone)
    • F/A-18C (Standalone - BETA ONLY)
    • Combined Arms is supported through a Game Master slot and 5 Observer slots

Georgia Training Centre Beta Pack - 

Exactly the same as above but has the F/A-18C and USS John C Stennis added for those that own it (Hornet still needs open beta to work).

Installation Instructions:


  • Download the relevant .zip file
  • Extract the zip file to C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\DCS\Missions\Campaigns\en
  • If all is well you should now see the campaign available in the My Campaigns sub-section of the Campaign menu in game

Single Missions:

  • Download the relevant .miz file
  • Copy/Paste the .miz file to C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\DCS\Missions\
  • If all is well you should now see the mission available in the My Missions sub-section of the Mission menu in game
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I'll add the Viggen to the Training School but I won't be able to test fly it.

Shouldn't make a difference since the CTLD JTAC is independent of the DCS AI.

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Georgia Training Centre Update:

  • Added AJS-37 Viggen as per Barons request - untested since I don't own the module.

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Added first companion movie for the A-10C Training Campaign. Watch, learn then put it into practice in game

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Second A-10C Training companion movie added covering EGI systems. Playlist link is in the OP

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Only just noticed this thread. Going to download this and run through the training in the A-10C. Thanks, Jason. :) 

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Getting back to some sort of normal production workflow so here is the companion video for A-10C Training Mission 3:

Upcoming stuff:

  • Su-25T Training
  • FC3 Aircraft Training
  • UH-1H Training
  • Live Fire Exercise for training purposes
  • A full MP campaign

If there is enough interest I may even look at kicking the AAC Monthly DCS sessions back off

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Training centre has had a couple of updates in recent weeks including:

  • Added night time versions
  • Added AV-8b
  • Added Mi-8
  • Added F/A-18C
  • Added open beta support to allow F/A-18C use
  • Added M-2000C

Links in OP updated to reflect changes

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GOL Clan Aircraft Skins now available.

They don't work on public servers in MP but they will be available on our MP sessions so long as you have the relevant skin pack installed. The base skin pack includes a basic clan version but I can also do personalised versions if people let me know what they want.

Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VBn-orIx9nJjV6DoBr0KLRz1qGbH3-z8

The zip file includes installation instructions.




A-10C Personal (nameplate on nose):


F/A-18C Low Visibility Scheme:



F/A-18C High Visibility Scheme:




F/A-18C Personal Detail:






Any suggestions/requests are welcome.

Current WIP includes AV-8b and F-15C

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