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Sunday Mission (14/1-18 19:45 GMT+1)

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To any MOD out there: Please remove any old threads regarding sunday missions in the General Thread.

Mission ALWAYS starts at 19:45 / 7:45pm Swedish time. Use World Time Buddy to find out what time that would be for you. Enter your country/region in the white box to add your timezone to the list.,2643743&h=2673730

After finishing an exercise our pilot has taken a wrong turn and we passed in to NATO territory, more specifically to Stratis. The helicopter is hit and our squad managed to eject just in time, we will now need to find a way off stratis, our best bet so far is to destroy the radar dome at Air Station Mike-26 to cripple AA on the island or destroy AA sites that are able to pick us off.
Our intel on the island is outdated so it would be wise to search through some FOB's for intel to help us escape the island.

There are 13 slots available.
Limited respawns are present, avoid getting killed!

Required mods: CBA, TFAR
Allowed mods: Clientside stuff (Blastcore, STHud, JSRS etc).

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My template and medical has recieved some updates and optimization. Big thanks to Guzzen and Thec for their help in testing the garbage.

Noticable changes: 
*After bandaging or transfusing blood a hint will appear to show the bleed or blood level status after your treatment (less diagnosing to see if person is bleeding). Example

*For team leaders, the Squad Tracker will be enabled by default (Shows group leader positions, updates every 10 sec). Tracker can be disabled via CTRL Q --> HUD --> Disable Tracker.

*When diagnosing a dead person, the corpse will not simply say "DEAD DEAD DEAD". It will state the last status upon death (except the "Alive" status ofc).

*If someone is running ACE while my medical is active, a text will loop, informing everyone about said person running ACE (This will be seen at map screen and when loading through).

*Even tho we have tested this thoroughly, bugs may arise, please let me know if you find anything weird happening. If possible remember what you did the moment it happened. 

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Thanks to everyone playing, people dropped off a little here and there. If there's anything you'd like to mention regarding the mission feel free to do so here. :)

I hope the change with an update of bleeding status after bandaging was appreciated.
At the time of this post, the feedback recieved was that AI groups (Hunting teams) were spawning too often.

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