OPORD: Siege of Kavala

By Jason in Major - Archive,
MAP: Altis Mission Date: 03/02/18 OPORD: Siege of Kavala Terrain: Urban, City Outskirts Weather: Overcast with slight fog Forecast: Slowly deteriorating Start DTG: 07/07/35 0700hrs Starting Location: FOB Therisa, AAC Airstrip ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1: SITUATION The East Wind crisis has been brought under control and a combined effort by NATO and AAF forces is now under way to reclaim Altis from CSAT. While NATO are fighting to the East of the island, the AAF must capture their capital of Kavala to secure the Western side of the island. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2: MISSION DETAIL The main AAF assault will be carried out by the 5th Battalion Altean Marine Corps with support from the Army Air Corps and Altis Air Force. A Company will land in force on the main tourist boulevard and make for the Senate Building. B Company are already established as a piquet force and will advance from their position to the South West, through the suburbs, to capture the AAF Headquarters Building. C Company are already established as a piquet force and will advance from their position to the East, through the city centre, to capture the hospital. With these three primary objectives complete, the companies will move through the city to the Aggelochori canal. This is the limit of advance and the battalion will link up with the 2nd Battalion Altean Armoured Corps, completing the mission. A. ENEMY FORCES Strength: Battalion battlegroup sized formation spread throughout the city. Numbers are estimated to be roughly 1000.  Composition: The CSAT element left in Kavala is a Guard Infantry Battlegroup. We have confirmed sightings of foot mobile, mechanised and armoured infantry as well as T-100 tanks. Equipment is standard CSAT frontline issue with occasional specialists such as snipers. Air Defense: Battalion level Air Defence Assets are confirmed in theatre. Expect MANPADS and mobile armoured AAA. Static AAA threats appear to be limited to rooftop mounted HMGs. Mobile IFVs can also be expected to engage aircraft with turret mounted cannons. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3. EXECUTION A. Objective Overview Mission Intent: We will deploy as part of C Company and will be responsible primarily for the capture of the hospital. While care should be taken to limit casualties, circumnavigating the city is not an option. We are there to clear our sector and we cannot afford to leave CSAT forces behind. Ground Forces Task: 1. Advance through the city and secure the hospital building. 2. Assist if needed in the capture of the AAF HQ and Senate buildings. 3. Proceed through the city to our allocated Limit of Advance to link up with the armoured force advancing from the North. Air Corps Task: 1. Standard AAC support tasks - CASEVAC, ISTAR, CAS, RESUP. Given AAC manning, air support will probably be limited to PGM strikes against buildings or vehicles. Rocket runs will not be possible given the level of air defences. If the air defences are cleared, AAC will be able to provide gun/rocket strafes. HLS selection will likely be troublesome due to the built up terrain and intensity of combat. Most HLS/CCP locations will be on the outskirts by necessity so casualties may well end up having a bit of a walk from HLS to squad. HLS becoming cut off is also a distinct possibility. B. Intel Package Map of Complete AOR Most logistics tasks will launch from FOB Therisa to limit travel time. There is a stock of additional supplies and aircraft available at the AAF Air Force base at the main airport if required. While initial insert is by airlift, care should be taken on approach and landing as the main AOR is active and hostile. Map of Immediate AOR Arrows define approximate routes of advance. A Company is marked Green, B Company is marked Blue, C Company is marked Black. Pay attention to the progress of other friendlies. If A or B company are destroyed, we must divert to secure their objectives also otherwise we will become cut off and the mission will not be deemed a success. AAC can provide intel updates on friendlies as well as OPFOR. C. Coordinating Instructions Radio Frequencies Platoon Net: 50.1 Air Corps Net: 50.3 Squad Level comms as directed by CoC D. Materiel and Supply AAC: 5x AW-159 Wildcat (1 at FOB Therisa, 4 at AAFAF HQ) 3x AW-101 Merlin (1 at FOB Therisa, 2 at AAFAF HQ) 2x AV-8b Harrier II (Both at FOB Therisa) 2x A-143 Buzzard (Both at AAFAF HQ) 2x JAS-39 Gripen (Both at AAFAF HQ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SnrAM Jason
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