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Training OPORD 15/02/18

Training Day 15/02/18 19:00 GMT   10 members have voted

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I will be on for hopefully the last 15-20 minutes of training I am working late this week.

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@PARKER's first own training session was a success in my opinion. 

Some bits on theory served as a useful basis for discussion. Practical exercises were implemented to illustrate these points. It all fell in place nicely. Also keep in mind that this can only get better. I was happy to see the attending members participate in a focused manner, voluntarily contributing both to discussion and the practical bits.

I'm very thankful for the help on training sessions. This makes my life a lot easier, and it's a great relief for me to see that these first sessions have been successful.


Also big thanks to @Chroma for making his first mission! Sadly I can't say much about it.

One criticism I have is how long it took to get it started. I think it was about 20 minutes we spent on setting up our teams, fixing various technical difficulties etc. As someone taking charge of a training mission it requires a firm hand to organise everything quickly, in my personal experience.

But that's just a minor point. I'm sure Parker will become more proficient at organisational matters with more experience as an instructor and squad leader.


Cheers for a good session, from what I saw. GG!

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Again thanks for everyones attendance and participation in last nights training, I quite enjoyed bossing people about (especially the veterans!):lol:. It seemed to go down well from my perspective apart from some organizational issues and me not explaining things in the best way sometimes but I'll do my best to improve this, skipped a fair bit of stuff so there's plenty more. As I said right at the end last night buddy teams and buddy team tactics will be my main training subject for the next few months (I'm doing one training session per month).


Well done to @Chroma for his first of hopefully more ops. I have to say the amount of detail added to the map and that was put into the distant battles and AO was excellent, immersive and imo if done correctly raises the excitement factor of our ops. Unfortunately I feel that our delayed start, issue with the boats on shore and my slow SL'ing kinda took from this so for that I apologise. Keep the vision though Chroma it was great to watch and hear! AI placement seemed fine, some roaming patrols, good static unit positions made it difficult to advance.

Welcome to @Thunda once again and thanks to @Pilgrim for offering assistance, appreciated!

And finally a warm welcome back to the  @hoofed :) Whoop!



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