Battle for the Falklands - Week 1

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MAP: Malden

DATE: 17/02/18 19:00 UTC

Operation Name: Sutton

Terrain: Small Towns, Mountains, Ridges, Open Ground

Weather: Clear Skies

Forecast: Slight overcast

Starting Time: 0400 hours

Starting Position: Condor Airfield



During the night of 21 May, the British Amphibious Task Group under the command of Commodore Michael Clapp (Commodore, Amphibious Warfare – COMAW) mounted Operation Sutton, the amphibious landing on beaches around San Carlos Water, on the northwestern coast of East Falkland facing onto Falkland Sound. The bay, known as Bomb Alley by British forces, was the scene of repeated air attacks by low-flying Argentine jets.



We will be taking part in a Amphibious assault on San Carlos which is located to the North-western side of the Falklands. The Argentine forces are thought to be weaker on this part of the island and most of the enemy forces have been positioned around Stanley. We will be crossing bomb alley and regrouping with 3 Para who are waiting for us on HMS Sheffield.

We already have friendly forces at San Carlos Port who arrived earlier and another task force is on route to assault Fanning Head and Teal Inlet. We will be proceeding up the hill to secure San Carlos. San Carlos Port will become our CCP and resupply port - [Technical Note: New Respawn Point].

While San Carlos is being secure we will have limited Air support as the RAF's primary goal is to defend HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible from Argentine jets. Enough medical supplies have been provided to us in order to aid our assault on San Carlos.


Infantry Task Force:

Task 1: Regroup via Assault boat with 3 Para HMS Sheffield.

Task 2: Move with 3 Para to Port San Carlos and join the landing assault.

Task 3: Secure San Carlos.

Task 4: Secure Sussex Mountains and extract to HMS Invincible for re-supply.

Task 5: Insert at Ajax Bay and secure Darwin Ridge / Wickham Heights and Coronation Ridge.

Task 6: Secure the West Store Supermarket and Caspian Gift Shop in Darwin.

Task 7: Secure the School in Goose Green.


Task 1
: HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible have been under repeated air attacks, provide air support for the British aircraft carriers to protect them from further Argentine jets - continuous!

Task 2: Delivery supplies to San Carlos once captured.

Task 3: Extract Royal Marines from Sussex Mountains returning them to HMS Invincible for resupply.

Task 4: Insert Royal Marines to Ajax Bay.

Task 5: Support Royal Marines assault on Darwin and Goose Green.



Battle for the Falklands


Requirements: 75% Attendance



4x Harrier GR.9J
4x AV-8J Harrier ll
4x CH-47J Troop Transport
4x Lynx


Signed Staff Sergeant R4IDER

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Nothing to add that wasn't covered at the debrief to be honest.

The aerial combat was fun, constant and intense. Only small issues were the wave sizes and the mixed raced Gripens. The waves were coming in anywhere between 4 and 6 OPFOR at a time. if it was a flight of 4 I could just barely manage to nail them with a bit of luck before having to RTB for re-arm. The bigger waves though were a guaranteed death sentence everytime. Same frequency with slightly smaller flights and this would have been perfect. The Gripens playing for both sides was interesting but confusing at the same time. While it made the whole thing feel like a proper furball where countries do sometimes have the same aircraft it did make PID quite difficult. I took to simply spamming lock, if it gets locked, it gets shot at. Maybe change the textures next time if possible to make life a bit easier.

A 3 to 1 kill ratio in the first full on air war we've had since tet, easily the most entertaining air mission in a long time. Even the crazy ass respawn problem was unique and memorable.

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Bar a bit of a laggy start I had no editing related issues last night. A great start to a new campaign, as I tried to articulate last night this is a great example of the immersion and scale that can be achieved in ARMA with GOL assets and in my opinion "Go big or go home" though I am also an advocate for "Keep it simple" lol so read into that what you will.

The beginning was great to watch though it felt a little OTT in the air which could have been scaled back a touch but apart from that, NICE! loved watching the fireworks! I appreciate the effort made to keep our kit in the correct era and our taskings and the locations of objectives based on real events, Malden was a great choice.

1 thing Bravo struggled with was short range AT, the one provided only ranged to 200m as we found out when we lined up a target that was 500+m out :)

Bravo AG was also reporting issues accessing ACE Medical system to heal himself, others were fine but he couldn't give himself blood.


The assault boat insert was ok, not great Bravo lagged behind then got in each others way, this partly down to me (being lead Bravo boat driver) and realizing that I can't talk on the radio while trying to hold shift for best speed doh but also due to not being able to see very well with two guys on either side of the boat when other teams are half left or right in a formation.

All the objectives where set out well and the fire teams worked well together to manoeuvre in and out of firing positions, covering as we went. All objectives appeared sparse at first but where well protected. I would have liked to of seen a few more roaming patrols (even though i got killed by a guy that flanked us) on the flanks as due to the high turn out 3 fire teams can set up quite a front and sometimes it felt like the flanks had little to deal with. 50+ more enemy infantry on the flanks would have made my day.

Bravo made a solid effort last night, everyone was in the game, however there were a few occasions when I / we were a bit slow to react and for that missed opportunities to get in the fight. @UnknownEngineer did a top job as AG especially, some great contact spots, detailed reports and good suggestions to me for manoeuvring as well as keeping on top of his AR and medical duties, thank you!. The same for @personalvoid some good spots, reports and manoeuvring suggestions however maybe a little too enthusiastic at times which I can understand, nothing wrong with having your head in the game but please refrain from calling in contacts over the TL unless very urgent. I also apologise if I came across as a bit harsh but I was struggling to hear comms from multiple sources as well as trying to listen to my team so If I don't answer straight away its probably down to that.

I would also ask that we all remember that as TL & SL we not only have to think about the tactics, comms, navigation our individual teams are using and how to do this with the other fire teams but also how much each team is involved overall i.e. if we put Alpha as point team every time Bravo and Charlie would rarely get any action so as TL/SL we try to balance this which can sometimes look like were holding for no reason or allowing other teams to get the action when we could do it easier, really this equates to us trying to make it a balanced experience and fun for everyone. This changes in every op depending on numbers attending and the strength of force were facing.

I would offer some feedback about aircorp but there where so many jets about last night I couldn't really tell who was who and it sounds like they had similar issues, I'm astounded that you got that many in tbh without the server having a meltdown. However re-insert from Hoofed was professionally done in what looked like a pig of a chopper to fly and the extracts and re-inserts where well executed by the squad and well just good fun to do so thank you Aircorp!

Overall 9/10 GG @R4IDER great to be back into a campaign again, also happy to see the ribbon system back, i love my bling!



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This was a crazy mission, one that stands out in many ways and has left the biggest impression on me in recent past. Made my day.


To begin with, I liked the hundreds of map markers. It was a great big AO with many places inspired by the real deal. So much to do. So much going on. The in-game environment reflected that. Fleets, air combat, an island teeming with enemy presence. Just as Parker, I'm surprised the server lasted through it.

Enemy presence and behaviour also reflected the real deal. Settings hit a bit of a sweet spot on the AI for me, where they were accurate and aware, but not too overpowered.

The only problems I noticed were of a technical nature:

Enemies taking 10 rounds to the face. Enemies not firing back. Standing in a huge group staring at nothing. Not sure what that was about, but since the mission was a bit overwhelming by nature this was hardly noticeable for me personally. Should look into what was going on there nonetheless.

Items for Adv Med were given out, but personally I only had access to the Basic system when I interacted with others (or myself). This was especially disappointing because, for a change, we had AAC at sufficient strength to hopefully make the system work. A missed opportunity.

2 hours ago, PARKER said:

Bravo AG [...] couldn't give himself blood.

This is intentional. You can not give yourself blood transfusions or apply PAKs to yourself. This is just the way it is, and it makes sense in my opinion.

What I loved however was the absence of the "revive state" and the massive immersion breakers it entails.

Edit: My fire team members were all equipped with cTabs. Is this a template problem? Needs fixing immediately. @GuzzenVonLidl @Jason


Summing up: This was an incredibly inspired mission with superb production value that left me longing for more. Death was an option in this mission, and it happened. This is the way it should be, in my opinion.



In this OP, we saw two subtle but important changes in @R4IDER's leadership style: Teams were kept in close cohesion at all times; squad formations were used to maintain that cohesion. This is how it's done. Second, instructions were kept shorter and simpler. Step by step, one thing after the other. These two factors made leading my team easy and enjoyable. We always had purpose and knew what was going on.

Cooperation with @SoKkada and @PARKER was entirely unproblematic. Lot of fun to work with, got the job done. Parker shined especially when R4IDER died in the last assault, taking over radio comms and organisation as I was envolved in close quarters fighting.

2 hours ago, PARKER said:

how much each team is involved overall i.e. if we put Alpha as point team every time Bravo and Charlie would rarely get any action

Thinking about this, you are probably right. But I'm not sure this is entirely on our SqL. R4IDER was extremely busy in this mission, so us as team leaders need to take steps to help him out. Personally, I do this by offering him options. And usually, when I offer a good oportunity to R4IDER, he lets me execute my ideas if the circumstances permit. I believe this was one of the reasons why Alpha ended up in the thick of it most of the time. We ended up in many excellent positions. See a useful piece of ground, an approach to a strategic position? An exposed enemy flank? Call it in, and R4IDER will most likely unleash you. This, at any rate, is how it worked for Alpha. Other teams can profit from this way of doing things, too, and get some more action out of these missions, while at the same time getting more work done in shorter time periods. This is true GOL style: fast and dirty.

@Pilgrim, @unionjak and @Chroma formed a highly professional Alpha team. Lots of fun, no complaints. Keep up the good work.

I agree with Parker that there seemed to be a sort of disconnect between the Infantry and AAC. Pilots were obviously busy throughout, so that's perfect. But tbh, I have no clue what you AAC guys did in the mission.

Lastly: My highlight of the mission. The school assault.

Coming from an angle with little room to manoeuvre, Alpha was designated as the assault team. As we approached, the enemy used the terrain to their advantage to pin us down for several minutes. During this time, we took several casualties including SqL. It went quiet. We were stuck. As I kept losing guys, I kept becoming angrier. Pilgrim and myself went Berserk. Having defeated most of the counter attack that originally pinned us down, we shot, fragged and bayonetted about an overstrength squad's worth of Argentinians in the school building. Pilgrim died to the second-to-last enemy. I was on my own. Even though I called for backup which arrived promptly, I took it upon myself to avenge the deaths of my entire team. Tragic. Heroic. Arma at its very best.


10/10 Loved this to bits. More!

Edited by Filth
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1 hour ago, Filth said:

Thinking about this, you are probably right. But I'm not sure this is entirely on our SqL

No absolutely not on our sql, this was me just trying to explain (as an example) that we as TL’s and SQL try to balance the gameplay for everyone and is why we may not always be in the middle of the action.

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 Nothing to add regarding minor bugs.

Epic from start to finish.

The slow yomp into the valley with rounds whizzing over our heads summed it up. It felt genuinely immersive.

Dogged, courageous, determined and ever so slightly unhinged. Nothing sums up the British RM more. 

Absolutely gutted I died with one enemy to go. But somehow, it made it all the more poetic and memorable.


G bloody G @R4IDER

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Loved it right from the off, during and even the briefing gave me a hard on......    

Cinematic start with missiles fired from the ships at the advancing enemy air...all in full hd, above our very heads....what a delight.

We had @Filth as our team leader so everything was ship shape and by the numbers...we had to work hard and listen up as some times(understandably) comms was alight with info/requests/contact reports etc. 

Got to say that campaign wise, this was a never to be forgotten start mission,  and i was actually shaking at the end...Adrenalin coursing through my (old) veins :)


So thanks to everyone...especially for keeping to immersion over voice comms etc and for squad/team leaders for excellent leadership. 

Nice one @R4IDER...an absolute blumin belter....please keep them coming :)


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