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First Operation

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Hi Guys!

Joined in with today's training and operation, the first actual in-game experience I've had with the Clan. I must say I enjoyed it a hell of a lot, even if I spent a lot of time binding keys and confused! I'm sure that'll change with time. Overall I really enjoyed the op, the large scale was really nice, always adds to the immersion I feel when you have to do a bit of traveling either on foot or in a vehicle. Big thanks to Pilgrim for putting up with me, he really helped me in getting to know the different techniques and language.

Thanks to you all for the great experience! Unfortunately Saturday's are my main working day (Bar job 5pm-5am :()  so unless I have a later start one weekend or a weekend off I don't think I'll be able to frequent those ops alot, however Thursdays and Sundays are definitely going to be a frequent thing for me, so I'll try and show my face then!

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Hey @Thunda!

we always appreciate the kind words, and we're happy to hear that you're enjoying the experience.

The difficulties you are experiencing are entirely normal for new members. After all, we're throwing a lot of information at you. We will do our best to help you out as much as we can! I'm sure you will be a capable member of the group in no time if you stick with it.


After an operation and/or training session, we post feedback in the respective OPORD thread. You can tell us what you liked, point out problems, make suggestions for the future or simply tell us of your heroics.

For yesterdays session, this would be the appropriate place to post:

Nonetheless, thanks for your post. See ya soon!

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