Battle for the Falklands - Week 2

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MAP: Malden

DATE: 24/02/18 19:00 UTC

Operation Name: Black Buck

Terrain: Small Towns, Mountains, Ridges, Open Ground

Weather: Clear (Full Moon)

Forecast: Clear (Full Moon)

Starting Time: 0000 hours

Starting Position: Goose Green School



On 31 May, the M&AWC defeated Argentine Special Forces at the skirmish at Top Malo House. A 13-strong Argentine Army Commando detachment (Captain José Vercesi's 1st Assault Section, 602nd Commando Company) found itself trapped in a small shepherd's house at Top Malo. The Argentine commandos fired from windows and doorways and then took refuge in a stream bed 200 metres (700 ft) from the burning house. Completely surrounded, they fought 19 M&AWC marines under Captain Rod Boswell for 45 minutes until, with their ammunition almost exhausted, they elected to surrender.



We have occupied Goose Green School and set up a FOB. Our next objective will be to secure the mountainous region that surrounds Stanley. Attacking during the day is not an option there for Operation Black Buck will be carried out at night under the light of a full moon. Technical note: Rifleman / Grenadiers have been equipped with a M16A2 and flash light for breaching unlit buildings.

The RAF will be carrying out an attack on one of Argentina flag ship destroyers 'ARA General Belgrano' while built during World War 2 this ship has been upgraded with the latest Anti-Air technology.


Infantry Task Force:

Task 1: Secure Top Malo House

Task 2: Secure Mount Kent

Task 3: Secure Mount William

Task 4: Secure Green Sector in Teal Inlet

Task 5: Secure Mount Harriet

Task 6: Secure Sapper Hill


Task 1
: Disable / Destroy ARA General Belgrano

Task 2: The Argentine Air Force has suffered mass losses over the last week however sporadic low attitude attacks are still being carried out, provide air support for the British aircraft carriers to protect them from Argentine jets - continuous!

Task 3: Support Royal Marines assault 



Battle for the Falklands


Requirements: 75% Attendance



4x Harrier GR.9J
4x AV-8J Harrier ll
4x CH-47J Troop Transport
4x Lynx


Signed Staff Sergeant R4IDER

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Not much in the way of feedback for last night but it is supposed to be mandatory (hint hint slackers :P ) so here goes.

Largely an extension of last week with loads of air contacts to keep us occupied again. It's really strange yet fun to have to deploy 2 fast air alongside each other to deal with the defences and is a perfect example of how to keep the AAC occupied gainfully. While it was an AAC specific side task it never felt like we were tagged onto the mission as an afterthought. Instead it felt like we were protecting not only ourselves but the ground teams also by keeping gunships away from them.

Sadly I missed the strike on the Belgrano as I was busy colliding with a Ka-50 lol. The darkness was a big issue last night when engaging low level choppers but DON'T CHANGE IT!! seriously the challenge is way more fun than it ought to be.

While I never encountered invincible AI, I did encounter invincible Jason. I got pegged over the airfield in the North and despite taking multiple additional hits I was able to glide almost the full length of the map trying fruitlessly to eject. Eventually I used the GOL menu to parachute out since the eject function was taken away by something. I eventually washed up on the coast of the military island in the South East of the map. While this allowed the AAC to do our first CSAR task in like forever, it did feel a bit cheap being invincible.

Another top mission despite the technical FUBAR.

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Most relevant points about the style of this campaign have already been made. Just reiterating that it seems to hit some sort of nerve with most of the infantry. Very immersive stuff, great fun to play.

What's really worth mentioning with regards to this particular mission. The infantry have lost most of their proficiency with regards to night fighting. Campaign specific gear and the lack of NV gear poses additional difficulties for us. However I consider this a welcome change of pace, and it's something we should look into in trainings. My only death was down to a single enemy hiding in the shadows.

Hand flares would have been a nice addition to the scenario instead of shitty yankee rifles.


@R4IDER seemed to be under a lot of stress because of the technical problems with this mission. This showed in much of the decision making process. Some orders were very complicated, shuffling the teams from one flank to another only to find that there was nowhere to go. However, once again Squad cohesion was maintained at all times which is something I love to see. It's a great advantage in this terrain.

I seem to be very lucky with my teams recently. @Evilcommand, who I'd once again like to welcome as a full member, and @Chroma formed a competent machine gun team. @Pilgrim and @personalvoid were highly professional buddies in Team 1. All of you need to be commended on excellent behaviour, particularly in the face of super armoured AI. That was a huge hit on morale and I was happy to see that we withstood that fairly well. 

The other teams did not seem to fare as well. Particularly disturbing were some isntances of loss of leadership that were not even noticed until Alpha stepped in to help, because nobody rogered up on short range. We need to work on this, too.

One thing that worked as well as it could have was casualty processing (in Alpha at any rate). Casualties were noticed and stabilised early enough, CPR maintained until help arrived. However, due to the punishing difficulty and depth of the system, several needless deaths occured. I'm happy to say that, with this level of proficiency we developed using Advanced, we will be in an excellent position to keep our buddies alive now that we're reverting to Basic.

Reinserts, resupply and medical assistance by Raven were timely and, as far as I could tell, spot on considering the circumstances. However I once again felt that there was a sort of disconnect between ground and air. It seems we're going through an important change in the cooperation with AAC here. We're on to something (or rather: R4IDER is). But we need to establish a genuine connection between the two elements.


8/10 for tech probs, can't wait for more. GG!


Lastly I would like to second @Jason in asking for more feedback. This group considers feedback mandatory: Everybody has to do it. There's not really any way for us to enforce it, but the point is: If you don't give feedback, your wishes, ideas and suggestions won't be heard. You're not showing your appreciation for the hard work of mission makers, leaders, pilots and fellow team mates. It's kind of rude, and your own personal experience may suffer from the lack of feedback.

In the near future, infantry NCOs will take steps to encourage each and every one of you to contribute.


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Can’t expand further than Filthy has. 

Sorry if I seemed snarly about the first casualty hit we took. Don’t take it personally guys. I just wanted us to get our heads in the game and react quicker for the rest of the mission. Which we did, brilliantly afterwards. I guess that’s the role of the PFC. @unionjak does it too. I’m always hearing him step up and keep his team focussed when the TL is busy. I’ve realised this is the most important role for a PFC. To maintain a certain standard as an example. I will keep that up from now on, so expect more gentle snarling in future. But don’t take it personal. It’s all about the role play ;)

M16 with those iron sights were a challenge too far. I agree with the use of flares and a standard SLR as an alternative. Thank god we had a moonlit night. But the sights alone, rather than the night time made my role far less effective. Let’s fight the enemy and conditions, rather than the kit. (Although in the British Army that could often be seen as realistic)

Shaping up to be a great mission. Campaign is awesome. Enjoying being with Alpha. My spiritual home. Just stay alert. Keep talking, but make it more about the task In hand, and helping your buddies. Plenty of time for banter in moments of downtime.


@hoofed was the hero of many a clusterfuck.


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