Operation Scoped Spectre

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MAP: Altis

Mission Date: 03/03/18

OPORD: Scoped Spectre

Terrain: Urban, City Outskirts, Rural Country, FOB

Weather: Overcast

Forecast: Slowly deteriorating

Start DTG: 05/07/35 1800hrs

Starting Location: FOB Spectre, NW of Frini



The East Wind crisis is in full swing and NATO are facing a battle on two fronts as they try to wrest control of Altis from the AAF Rebels and CSAT Aggressors.

In an effort to extend the Western CSAT Front, NATO have landed a team of Sappers to the North of the island close to the village of Frini. A small but functional FOB has been constructed and must now be reinforced if NATO are to make CSAT overextend their West and make a hole which NATO can assault.



The Northern edge of the fighting is largely quiet but there are sporadic outbursts of fighting as patrols encounter each other. We do however expect a CSAT response to the FOBs construction sooner rather than later.

The 2nd Armoured are set to occupy the FOB but will not arrive for at least 2 hours. We need you sappers, as the closest operational unit, to hold the FOB until the 2nd can arrive.

To that end then your mission is two fold:

1: Link up with a small aid station in Frini and cover the casualties and medics as they withdraw to FOB Spectre.

2: With the aid station withdrawn, setup defensive positions around FOB Spectre and hold the base until the 2nd Armoured arrive.



Unknown. The Western Front is covered by at least 4 different CSAT Brigades and any of these units could well be diverted against you. Furthermore there are reports of CSAT units operating around the old hotel resort so an attack from the Eastern Front is also plausible.


Unknown. The CSAT main forces are a composite formation comprising largely of armoured and mechanised infantry with airborne and air-mobile specialist units in support. Full scale Brigade level artillery, armour and aviation assets are also a possibility. Special Forces of the so called "Vyper Team" have also been spotted on both fronts.

Air Defense:

This close to the front lines Air Defences are limited to MANPADs and mobile armoured AAA or SAM systems. Given the distance of the FOB from the actual front line, we do not expect you to encounter much in the way of organised air defence.



Frini Aid Station: Approximately 25-30 walking wounded undergoing treatment with 7 medics.

2nd Armoured: Composite Tank Battalion comprising 9 Merkava MBTs and 2 Bardelas AAA Platforms.

C2 ISTAR: Air Force Callsign "Spooky" will oversee the operation providing intel updates and if needed heavy close air support. While collateral damage to the FOB should be minimised, the village of Frini and the surrounding areas have been cleared of civilians and you are free to employ Spooky as needed.

Medical Support: The medics in Frini are beat. They are running desperately short of supplies and manpower. To that end, medical support will be provided by Air Force CSAR callsign "Raven". All medical tasks should be diverted to them.

Combat Air Patrol: 4 F/A-181s operating from the USS Freedom in the Pyrgos Gulf. They will not respond directly to your commands but will scramble in the event of CSAT air assault.

There are other formations transiting through your AOR on route to other tasks. Watch your fire and PID your targets.

Air Defense:

FOB Spectre has a compliment of automated air defence systems to protect itself and the area from CSAT air threats. This will be complimented by the Navy Wasps. Tripod mounted MANPAD systems are also available at the FOB should the need arise. OPFOR air should not be a problem.



A. Objective Overview

Mission Intent:

We are already in position at FOB Spectre. We must patrol to Frini, locate the medical unit and cover their retreat. With as many medics and casualties rescued as is possible, we must fall back to the area around the FOB and dig in to defend the location. 

Ground Forces Task:

1. Patrol to Frini and locate the medical station.

2. Hold Frini long enough for the medics and casualties to retreat.

3. Hold FOB Spectre until the 2nd Armoured arrive.

The mission will only be deemed a success if NATO forces are holding the FOB at the end of the mission. If the FOB is lost or you are in danger of being overrun, you may fall back. The FOB must be retaken however or the mission will be deemed a failure.

Air Corps Task:

Spooky - ISTAR and CAS to cover the ground operation.

Raven - CASEVAC and Logistics tasks as required.

If the situation deteriorates too far, there are A-164s available at the airbase. These should be more than capable of decimating any OPFOR in the AOR. Codeword to deploy the Wipeouts will be "Broken Arrow".

B. Intel Package


Apologies for the shit map gentlemen, it's all we could find on the area. The geo-mapping guys are too busy with the Eastern flank to bother with us. Either way you get the idea, we're cut off and isolated so expect contact to come from any direction. The red marked road is the route the 2nd will take. They will come at us from the South so watch your targets! We don't want to kill the guys coming to support us.

C. Coordinating Instructions

Radio Frequencies

Platoon Net: 50.1

Air Corps Net: 50.3

Squad Level comms as directed by CoC

D. Materiel and Supply


3x MH-8 Littlebird II

3x UH-80 Ghosthawk

2x CH-471 Huron

2x V-44 Blackfish Gunship

3x A-164 Wipeout


SnrAM Jason



This mission features 4x magnification Enhanced Rifle Combat Optics which are issued only to the Rifleman role. This is part of the test described here. We will be asking for feedback on this at the debrief so we can judge how effective these sights are and what impact they have on our game play. Obviously these sights will not be much use in the town. Instead they are fitted with a traditional holo-projected red dot reflex sight similar to the MRD pistol sight. You can toggle between sight modes with the "secondary optics mode" keybinding. The magnified sight will be more useful later as the FOB defence is more open with engagement ranges between 400-600m.

The AAC are intended to use Spooky and Raven for the majority of the mission. If the pressure on the ground forces becomes too heavy, the AAC can scramble A-164 Wipeouts to alleviate the situation. They will scramble on the command of "Broken Arrow". Upon receiving this command, the AAC will RTB, scramble the Wipeouts and immediately begin hunting and killing any and all OPFOR in the area. This should however be seen as a last resort since the three Wipeouts will easily kill everything.

There are numerous friendly units in the area, some of which will come by the FOB at some stage. Watch your fire as some of these will help you defend the FOB later on.

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First up apologies for this falling on its ass last night. I simply ran out of time to do a server test on this one and since it has nothing in the way of fancy ass scripting I figured it would be fine. Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups as my Sergeants used to say. I am in the process of testing everything out to ascertain the problem. If it IS a framework issue, we will work as fast as possible to remedy it. This will be fixed and available for a blank week in the future. If you think Siege was hard and casualty heavy I can't wait to see what you would make of Spectre...............

I was a bit apprehensive about the replay of Siege given that it wasn't that well received last time but it seemed to go pretty well for a last minute "oh shit" fill in.

As I said in the debrief, Siege was made from the ground up to heavily feature the AAC and CAS in particular. Weaponised Raven, Harriers, ALCAs and Grippens are all capable of danger close precision CAS which was the order of the day really. The mission was designed to illustrate just what the AAC is capable of and more importantly what the clan is capable of if we let the AAC do our job. While this is completely opposed to most mission making guidelines, I wanted an opportunity to showcase exactly what the AAC can do with our current mods at our disposal.

On the technical side there were a couple of minor screw ups, largely due to AI being retarded so I refuse to accept responsibility for those. The AI will do what the AI will do even if it does mean one of our supporting tanks spent all night hugging a lamp post rather than join the fighting. Seriously. It did. Even after I moved it in Zeus. Guess he really loved that lamp post.

All in all it was an entertaining and busy night for Banshee so I can't complain about any of it really. Personal highlight goes to @Filth:

"Banshee Tank is marked yellow smoke. I'm on that position"

"Tally target, Rifle"


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We ended up playing Siege of Kavala:

This turned out to be a great decision from my perspective.


When we first played this, I pointed out that the extreme AAC dependency almost broke our backs in this scenario. With three pilots attending (excelling, even), this was no longer a concern. That changed the game on every level. With adequate support, 1-1 was able to inch their way through the city accomplishing three out of four objectives with relative ease, relative meaining in comparison to our first try.

All my other feeback still applies. Simple concept, but good production value. Extremely well performing AI, always manoeuvering and counter attacking. A punishing level of difficulty that somehow still allowed us to get a victory out of this with good performance, even though it cost us dearly.


Let's start at the top. My only advantage was a rough knowledge of the terrain, enemy strength and behaviour. Apart from this, I was being challenged to my limits during this operation. Air comms were very busy. Teams had good strength. So the amount of communications going through me at any given time was too much really. I apologise if I missed calls, misinterpreted what you said, etc. A mission like this really needs an FAC.

Apart from that, my main concern on the ground was crossing danger zones. I knew the enemy would have the greatest advantage in these areas (such as the MSR), so my intent was to expose as few targets as possible while diminishing the enemy presence from a safe position as much as we could. Every step forward cost lives, progress was painfully slow. But I do think that my intent functioned relatively well: With a focus on timing and patience, we overcame the most threatening danger zones with acceptable casualties.

Another important problem we faced concerned our supply lines: Because of enemy AA, landing sites for supplies and reinforcements had to be placed far back from the squad's location. The routes to and from these landing sites came under pressure on numerous occasions, when we had hardly any resources to alleviate that pressure.

Both the TLs @SoKkada and @PARKER seemed to have a very difficult time. Sokkada was T2 all the time. Parker died too many times to count. Apart from that, they both did well under insane pressure. Comms were on point, teams reacted well and there was almost no delay between giving an order and the teams beginning execution of that order. But loss of leadership was a major concern throughout the entire thing, especially considering that Bravo consisted mainly of inexperienced players. This is probably the right time to once again commend @unionjak, who was my squad medic: From the beginning, he kept moving with the teams. He was a huge help with cohesion, casualty processing and escorting, distributing what little ressuply there was, and most importantly mitigating the impact of loss of leadership. This enabled me to focus on the execution of the mission. When fire team members had to step up to leadership there were the usual problems, but they weren't nearly as pronounced as they usually are. Both teams were still ready for action without their TLs at all times, unless they had taken mass casualties.

@Raptor @Jason and @hoofed deserve special mention. They made this mission possible. Raptor and hoofed kept risking their lives on insanely dangerous casualty and supply runs, being shot down on numerous occasions, ending up fighting side by side with the infantry on the ground. While that was going on, Jason gave us excellent ISTARS from the Banshee call sign and delivered crucial CAS missions on heavy enemy assets, sometimes directly on our positions. Talk about danger close.


Proud of you all. Our performance in this massive shit show illustrates how much progress we have made as a group - both operationally and socially.




Feedback Request

@Chroma @Blu. @madmatt @Evilcommand @Joe Malley @Luke

Barely ever hear or read any feedback from you guys. Would appreciate if you could tell us about your personal experience in this op.

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Working from aircorps’ perspective down in mission making, invariably leads to a better game. And once again this mission showed that. It’s a classic @Jason

Aircorps were spot on and seemed to enjoy it. A happy flyboy is a happy mission.

Great to work with @Joe Malley and @Blu. properly for the first time. You work really well together and were a joy to fight with, always enthusiastic and on the ball.

As bad as it was to lose @PARKER at various times, I actually REALLY enjoyed taking Alpha in his absence, and my team 2 helped massively by staying focussed.

One legit heroic death and a shit tonne of fun. Great to hear @Filth stressing out with such unfettered joy.

g the feck g

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to be honest i been in the heli for 80% of my time dont have much feedback

all can tell i enjoyed the flyboys rekless flying 

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7 minutes ago, Evilcommand said:

to be honest i been in the heli for 80% of my time dont have much feedback

all can tell i enjoyed the flyboys rekless flying

Thanks for the feedback. Doesn't have to be a long message. Just want to get your impression on things.

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it was fun  dit not see mast of it  bud all i hef seen it went well Bravo dit want needit to by done.



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Wow, what a mission.....

From the off the excitement peaked and fell as it looked like the server was borked..but thankfully admins got a mission up and running.

I had an opportunity to see what its like at the leaders end of things from the perspective of squad medic....And i highly recommend it, to every one.  Its nothing like "just patching injured player up" its a whole lot more. Its about taking a bit of strain from squad leader by taking the initiative and doing what you can to help everyone. If you are thinking of promotion, try to have a go in this role...it will make you, or not  :) Thanks for putting faith in me @Filth hope i did ok.

Mission was fantastic, definitely a classic and one to be remembered. Everyone put loads of effort in and i think that showed in the massive team work that i had the pleasure to see...nice one @Pilgrim for keeping your team together in very hostile moments..

Big up to the air guys, as usual a tremendous job at keeping us alive....the danger close stuff was jaw dropping cinematic stuff...and thanks(sorry about the blood incident, i really didn't know i couldn't use it) 

Yet another perfect night, thanks all :)


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Highly enjoyable evening last night for me, even though I botched the stream for an hour and appeared to have a flashing "kill me" sign attached to me somewhere it was extremely enjoyable picking away at an op which we knew a little bit about from our previous attempt and how this time we had the upper hand thanks to aircorp. Really good to see a different approach the op and us improving our tactics this time round i.e. by placing HLS and drop offs more strategically and using aircorp to their full potential, and though I didn't actually see much i could hear a whole world of shit being dropped on johny AI all over the place. In our previous attempt I remember us running into a team about 20 strong down those MSR's but this time only dribs and drabs made it through and barely any vehicles.


My perspective was very broken last night due to being T4'd 4 maybe 5 times but I'm happy to report Alpha doing what they needed to do. As mentioned last night @Pilgrim constantly picked up Alpha 2IC with ease and kept everyone together, a pleasure to watch and hear. As Pilgrim has already mentioned @Blu.@Joe Malley made an awesome T2 I could hear them communicating throughout ensuring their sector was locked down tight. @Wartomsniper did well considering he literally had just been set up that day, he stuck with the team and followed orders as best he could which is all we ask, I hope you enjoyed it but rest assured you'll be up to speed in no time and once again welcome!

I personally had a difficult op, I was knackered from a night shift that morning so wasn't on the ball in my defense but I still got confused to often and it ended up in me getting shot a few times. I enjoyed working with @Filthand @SoKkada as always. I was a little disorientated to start and seemed to struggle to get into it but soon caught on. Things I need to improve on are placing and reporting markers accurately and efficiently and urban manouvres for my fireteam, it all seemed a bit to quick for the olden last night but it was fucking fun trying. We managed to get some good footholds in well placed building here and there and fend of small sporadic attacks, sometimes from our rear. Highlights for me where our massive initial firefight, very fun defending casulties with @Filth while CAS rained down onto our smoke filled battlefield...

Very enjoyable stuff, thanks everyone and especially to @Jason and the other aircorps for changing the game quite literally!



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Good mission, everyone died more then usual but that didnt stop us from having a fun intense mission. 

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