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Sunday Mission (11/3-18 19:45 GMT+1)

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Mission ALWAYS starts at 19:45 / 7:45pm Swedish time. Use World Time Buddy to find out what time that would be for you. Enter your country/region in the white box to add your timezone to the list.,2643743&h=2673730

Tonight we will be playing ThecMaster's Operation Broodmother 2.
Operation Broodmother was a success. We were able to take control over Air Station Mike and most of Stratis after the radar was destroyed. We have seen a lot of activity from CSAT and we believe they will try to take back control over Air Station Mike. Your task is to get there and help with the defense of Air Station Mike.

There are 13 slots available.
Limited respawns are present, avoid getting killed!

Required mods: CBA, TFAR
Allowed mods: Clientside stuff (Blastcore, STHud, JSRS etc)

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Gonna leave some feedback in text, some of this was mentioned after the mission and has already been taken in to account.

I find the amount of friendly AI at Air Station Mike to be a bit too much, there wasn't much space for our squad to settle in.
Enemy forces attacked from everywhere except straight north, in a very big compound, perimiter breaches were unavoidable. There was also nothing aside from "NATO / CSAT" area markers to hint of where attacking force may arrive from. That they were able to sneak around inside friendly territory made things very hard to prepare for.
The amount of enemy AI attacking was a bit too heavy for the Sunday OPs, this also had a big effect on performance. I will however take this in to account and add a "max corpses" parameter to my clean up script.

Hunting teams are good to keep the squad on their toes, however in open terrain such as this it is also a great way to slow down player progress, meaning we may not reach the mission objectives. If only one or two is spawned if reaching certain areas I believe it's fine, but having them respawn is a permanent slowdown on progress when the squad has to progress in a specified direction (I haven't checked but I feel like the hunting teams kept respawning).

As we were not able to reach the second objective I can't comment anything on that.
Overall it was fun but for those like me who look for mission progress and team play, this one was a bit too much on individual gameplay.
Would play again.

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Yeah. It was a bit to much and I have tuned it down a bit. Most groups we encountered was patrols going around the object and in between ASM and Camp Maxwell. 


I will add some markers that tells us where to expect enemies from. Or at least from where my idea of where they suppose to originate from when attacking. Some groups that's attacking will get in on the north side but that's nothing I can do anything about I belevie. That's just how AI do. And it will be random if thay go there. 


Thanx for feedback

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