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Training OPORD 29/03/18

Training Day 29/03/18 19:00 BST   12 members have voted

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Training Subjects

Back to the Basics

@Wartomsniper @Evilcommand @Wazowski @Skeliton @Chippy

Infantry Squad: Command Structure and Organisation

Conduct: Weapons safety, comms discipline, gear


Basic Formations



If time allows:

Prisoner Handling

Basic Breaching


Preparatory Reading (Optional)



Desert Assault on shuplur by @Lt.Chris

Edited by Filth
Content reduced.
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Very much needed. Especially comms discipline and behaviour. 

Two ears. One mouth. To be used in that ratio.


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Useful training. So many new recruits means we start from scratch. 

I’ve mentioned it before, but the way this clan has fun, is to do things properly. The real buzz we get, is when we put into action what we practice, and it works.

. @Wartomsniper @Evilcommand You will get to play with each other far more when you focus, keep the over excitement down and listen. It may seem harsh to you, but that’s what this clan is about. That’s what makes us different to other casual clans. We laugh in the right places, and show unity and spirit when the shits going down.

For instance, sitting down in the middle of a mission, talking back to your team leader and giving him cheek, wandering off your sector, talking over comms and generally messing about, shows a lack of respect for your team leader, the mission makers, and the other clan members who take their fun seriously. It’s about attitude. The “right” attitude.

Im not going to be diplomatic when it comes to this. The more mature you behave, the more fun you will have. It’s as simple as that. If you’re willing to learn, we’re willing to teach you. We’ve been doing it this way for a looooong time. Me and UJ are old bastards and there isn’t a trick we haven’t seen in life. And guess what? We’re still learning on every mission and In every training session.

@Echo comes into the squad at 15 years old and shows more discipline and maturity, in one single mission, than I’ve seen before from many others much older than him. Always ready to learn. Thanked me for showing him things. Had an instinct about how to interact correctly. This is an example of how to get on in the clan. You don’t have to be the best or have the most kills. That’s irrelevant. Although he’s sharp as well. My new point man ;)

Theres always time to change and learn. Let’s do it together. So I can stop being grumpy.

@elyas007 Good to have you on board. Good attitude. Keep it up.

Welcome back @Chippy 



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Good training,  and as always  its required to go back to basics to make sure we all sing from the same sheet. I actually had the printed version of @Lt.Chris GOL manual at the ready...and obviously was not asked any questions...@filthy must have known :)


First time as team leader and i must say it was a blast...well not in kill anything way as i dont recall seeing much, waaaaay to busy doing stuff. The 3 more experienced members of the team, @chroma @luke and @Wazowski were a godsend...and stopped me making a complete balls of, well nearly everything lol. So thanks guys thats how we do things in GOL. @Evilcommand you are getting there and you do need to push yourself into the immersion zone further if you trully want to enjoy how GOL does things. I did see you kill off a few enemys and i was well impressed with you "sniping" the sniper on the shows balls to go head to head with them they are good shots :)

As for the sitting down incident...draw a line under some respects i have to share some of the blame for trying to keep your head down, and in doing so bored the shit out of you in the building we were holed up in. Hence forth i wont repeat this mistake of mine, and will have you up on the front line as our point man.

Many thanks all, had a real blast...and i am billing you @Filth for some heart surgery as mine is now broken :)

It was also good to be "side by side" of @Pilgrim...legend, enough said.


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Hey guys!

First of all, it feels great to be back. GOL have always been something I followed from a far when out of the clan and I can't stress the exitement it is to be back.

I was not around for the training as I was at work but I came for the later half of the mission. I would say I tend to agree that the enemies were a bit all over the place and not enough of them. I even talked to @Lt.Chris about the mission the day before and it seemed fine but it's hard to predict how it will turn out when doing it as a squad.

I just want to say that @Echo did a really nice job, I tried to push him in to calling out contacts on the radio and he (as I was back when) was a little shy but still managed to convey the info to @Pilgrim which passed it on.


/Ramble over.

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I look forward to the 'new improved' and washed feedback from our Sgt. @Filth who turns up every week and provides instruction and tangible, invaluable leadership to our group.

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