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@hoofed @Jason @Raptor This is the mission hoofed that ive been talking about one that probably non of aac have used to reinsert people with before, I could do with at least one maybe two pilots as this was gonna be a Saturday mission but stuff happened so now its gonna be a Tuesday one but all are welcome. Just need help from @R4IDER to get it tested but should be a good mission. Ive had help from @Chroma as it was based on something hes done before but lets say its been done just a bit differently.  

Hope you all can make it this one promises to be a bit different and yes im not exactly revealing what it is just yet you'll have to show up and find out;)  

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Sorry about the mission today guys, I did know it would not work if I took the mod out of the mission to get the smaller file size, but just so you all know I did ask R4ider to upload the mod for me to armasync, but the way the mod and mission was set up did not support the way it was imported to armasync, aka it got added to the gol addons and the mod needed to be added as a standalone folder in armasync as for the mod to work it needed the correct file structure. 


P.s  I did test the mission on the server with the mod and it worked but obviously it was to long to wait for it to download, my fault there, i thought it was a small file size and we could have all downloaded it. so to end this off the mission will work at some point its just making sure we have the mod setup correctly either in the init file or easier just add it on armasync as a standalone mod in its own folder.

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Sorry for the late feedback.


@R4IDER's exercise had a few issues. Our squad lacks an idea of how to put three teams to use in complex, built up areas. There was no general, underlying idea behind our manoeuvers. Thus, we struggled to clear the confined spaces efficiently.

Squad formations are as useful in built up terrain as they are in the open. They provide structure to the squad's operations. At the same time squad formations allow us flexibility to react (to the terrain, contact, casualties, etc).

Unfortunately, not much time could be spent on helping new members get up to speed on the basics. But the exercise was successful in other ways:
Fresh team leaders had a chance to gain some experience in a live-fire environment @Pilgrim. Inexperienced players could get an impression of the difficulties we face in CQB and room breaching as well. Live-fire environments put our procedures and skills to the test. So despite its problems, the training was very valuable.


Again, fresh leaders breaking in their brains for what's to come @PARKER @unionjak. Not without some problems. However, just as the training session, this was a valuable chance to gain experience.

Overall: I like the pre-planning. It's good to have an idea of what we're gonna do before we're in the situation. Options. Contingencies. Structure.
We spent a lot of time on initial manoeuvers and recon. This helped keep casualties down, but was hampered by a slow decision making process.
Once the first nest of resistance was defeated, we were faced with open ground and, initially, fierce resistance. We were unable to decisively close the distance with the enemy here.

Personally, I was put in interesting, unusual perspectives both in the training and the mission. Walking away with some good impressions, and a sense of optimism in spite of the mistakes we made.

@Chroma's mission will have to be completed some day - or in fact remade into a Saturday operation.


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lots of fun  bravo dit well  in gowing rabo in to the wood's ent squting a head of the pack @Lt.Chris was a good warning sine that wy needit to fall back . ent thet save't us :P 


7 / 10

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Also apologies for the late feedback.


I enjoyed the exercise but it felt like it was lacking structure, i.e. the lesson we should of learned was? we all experienced something slightly different due to it being a live fire exercise. As stated in the debrief I felt if we could have focused on one team watched how they moved then discussed it, it would have been more useful.

I liked the idea of splitting the TL's out to show their team how to complete a safe detonation of breaching charges and demo blocks etc, this felt a bit more personal and it felt like a a team was being built, which is great however some prior notice that this was going to happen would have been useful so the TL's can ensure SOP's are being used for this and we are all reading off the same page, unfortunately due this not happening again it felt like everyone got something slightly different.


Well it didn't turn out at all like I thought it would tbh though I was gutted for @Luke having issues and felt that everyone should have a little more patience when this sort of thing happens. No one intentionally fucks up an op and these things take hours, days, weeks to put together sometimes and it absolutely sucks when something goes tits up the last thing you want to hear is complaints.

SL was stressful, knew it was going to be but I wasn't expecting to be ground to a halt with literally no ideas on how to progress...instead of consulting my TL's and squad medic I went with my instinct and people got killed which sucks, apologies!

My initial plan was to reach the hold position then either creep up the road with PIG in support or flank into the mountains, in the end I ended up doing both not realizing how far it was, the squad got split up and into some terrible positions that I put them that's a horrible feeling. I think I learnt a fair bit though, about the capabilities of 2 FT's and PIG and how they should be used.

I think @unionjak got off to a bit of a slow start due to radio issues and a lack of confidence in comms to be honest, once he'd settled down things started to flow, i could hear the steep learning curve in the tone of his job.

@SoKkada did exactly what I asked and had a good firefight up there on the mountain, I would of liked to see him making some quick decisions about whether to fall back or not, no need to wait for SL to tell you.

@Filth & @hoofedwere as experienced as ever with his comms and advice and later on pointed out a few tactics that hadn't crossed my mind so appreciated the tips.

All in all I enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot hopefully not at the expense of the fun of the game.



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