Battle for the Falklands - Week 4

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MAP: Malden

DATE: 07/04/18 19:00 UTC

Operation Name: The Fall Of Stanley

Terrain: Small Towns, Mountains, Ridges, Open Ground, Airfield

Weather: Light Rain, Storm

Forecast: Light Rain, Storm

Starting Time: 0830 hours

Starting Position: Wideawake Airfield



On the night of 11 June, after several days of painstaking reconnaissance and logistic build-up, British forces launched a brigade-sized night attack against the heavily defended ring of high ground surrounding Stanley. Units of 3 Commando Brigade, supported by naval gunfire from several Royal Navy ships, simultaneously attacked in the Battle of Mount Harriet, Battle of Two Sisters, and Battle of Mount Longdon. Mount Harriet was taken at a cost of 2 British and 18 Argentine soldiers. At Two Sisters, the British faced both enemy resistance and friendly fire, but managed to capture their objectives. The toughest battle was at Mount Longdon. British forces were bogged down by assault rifle, mortar, machine gun, artillery fire, sniper fire, and ambushes. Despite this, the British continued their advance.



Having secured Sapper Hill, Douglas wouldn't fall so easily and the Argentine forces have managed to hold their ground. The Argentine forces have set up a strong hold on the southern side of Douglas. This mission continues from where it ended last week and we will need to continue completing the objectives. The main objective in Operation Mikado is to secure the airfield.


Infantry Task Force:

Task 1: Insert via designated DZ and Secure Green Patch

Task 2: Secure Fizroy ( Red, Green, Yellow) Sectors

Task 3: Secure Yorke Bay (Red, Yellow, Green) Sectors

Task 4: Secure Mount Tumbledown

Task 5: Secure Stanley (Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue) Sectors


Task 1: S&D Air Defences - continuous!

Task 2: Insert Squad Green Patch DZ (will require fast rope or for Troops to disembark into shallow water - Pilots discretion)

Task 3: More Incoming



Battle for the Falklands


Requirements: 75% Attendance



4x Harrier GR.9J
4x AV-8J Harrier ll
4x CH-47J Troop Transport
4x Lynx


Signed Staff Sergeant R4IDER

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A mini classic, within a classic campaign. As Filth mentioned, organised chaos at times, but we rallied at crucial moments and seemed to be able to get “guns on” quickly, supporting each other pretty well.

Tumbledown was a moment worthy of the name. Tense and hard edged. Very focussed behaviour from Alpha, and we finally nailed it.

A personal tragedy for me on the 2 tier 4s. I’m not sure I could have avoided them, as they were either unsighted enemy in difficult terrain, or just too many contacts with guns on me so meh. Still not happy. 

The team worked really well together. Morale was high. Even after moments of downtime, reactions were good. Like a goalkeeper who makes a crucial save after 89 minutes in a quiet match.

Very pleased about all the promotions throughout the group. And I will personally keep my ears open and my mouth on standby. We all have different styles but hopefully they come together to make a sum of the parts.

Training was again very useful. 

As for the debrief. I’m not sure how certain behaviours are going to be addressed but they need addressing. The lack of self awareness in behaviour is apparent. There is NO bullying in this clan, so any idea of victim hood has to be seen as a failure on the individuals part, not the actions of those trying to instruct. Poor show.

Gg guys.

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Posted (edited)

Good one.


Not much to add. I appreciate the change in enemy weapons which had a considerable effect on casualties. Efforts are being made to keep this interesting. There is now a true sense of progression again, not only because of execution but editing as well.


On a squad level, this wasn't quite as good as @R4IDER's previous attempts. Formations overall made a lot of sense. However sometimes, you called a different formation than the one you had actually in mind. Sometimes the order of march did not make much sense, shifting teams away that were already in a perfect position. All of this could have been more streamlined, the communication more to the point.

But that's just me nagging. There were several occasions when formations made genuine sense. In open ground, when we took contact we could encounter it effectively many times. But especially in CQB, what the Squad did made sense to me. We managed to make considerable progress with acceptable casualties. The squad as a whole displayed great patience, dedication and focus. We were able to select good ground for our manoeuvers. We assessed the terrain carefully before commiting to a fight. All of that had a very nice flow to it and accomplished many objectives with relative ease.

What's especially noteworthy though is the conduct of my team @Pilgrim @Chippy @Skeliton and @unionjak. Their behaviour was outstanding. Each of them individually had their head in the game, doing their very best. Excellent performance and a good bit of luck enabled us to come out on top in many hairy situation. Reaction to contact was exceptionally good and successful. Well done, thanks for the good vibes.

On several occasions, Alpha was turned loose on their own. Even though operating seperated from the other teams makes me very uneasy, it was a chance for us to shine in an otherwise relatively uneventful mission. Seconding Pilgrim's highlight: The assault on Tumbledown was a very nice conclusion to the operation. Standing on top of a mountain, looking over what's ahead of us is becoming a bit of a theme in this campaign. Love it.

There was once more a certain seperation between AAC and the infantry. Air support it seemed to me was used relatively far away from the squad's position, preparing for our next moves instead of supporting the current one. There seemed to be a hell of a lot going on certainly. We did get everything we needed though. CAS from @Raptor, fast and on point as we've become used to. @hoofed continuously delivered reinforcements, resupply and medical aid, sometimes under heavy fire.


Congrats to all (including previousy un-mentioned @PARKER and @SoKkada) for their promotions. I feel that with the new NCOs we've put ourselves in a very strong position going forward. I know we have chosen well and will thus be able to improve the quality of what's going on in our sessions significantly. Can't wait to work with all of you in the near future.

Lastly welcome to Skeliton as a full member! Keep up the good work.


Thanks all, time well spent. 9/10



8 hours ago, Pilgrim said:

As for the debrief. I’m not sure how certain behaviours are going to be addressed but they need addressing. The lack of self awareness in behaviour is apparent. There is NO bullying in this clan, so any idea of victim hood has to be seen as a failure on the individuals part, not the actions of those trying to instruct. Poor show.

Not sure I quite agree with this. I'm inclined to give @Wartomsniper some credit when he feels the need to publically speak out about feeling mistreated. Can't say anything about the actual situation because I didn't witness it. But allow me this: It's not guaranteed that there is NO bullying in this clan, just because we're not seeing it. Some people still fall back into old habbits, even though personal conduct in the group overall is much improved. When personal misconduct happens (and I know it does in fact happen) you're well within your rights to speak out about it.

I see how the way Tom brought forward his complaint is not without its problems. But there is genuine grief here and that should be taken seriously.

Edited by Filth
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Point well made, and taken on board. I shouldn’t allow my own irritations colour what may or may not have happened. Especially given the attitude displayed in a recent mission by those who should know better.

We all have off days. As I know too well.

I should restate, I would HOPE that there would be no bullying.

There’s a difference between bullying and just having bad social skills, poor leadership qualities or a lack of patience. But it’s still not acceptable.

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Morning Gents


Nothing much to say here that hasn't already been said really. I enjoyed the op it flowed well, unit placement was good, we had some close quarters stuff as well a long distance patrols around our flanks keeping us on our toes, Maldens terrain certainly suits this scenario with lots of mountains, rock formations and undulating terrain making it easy to be caught out in the open.

The CQB set up in this op and previous ops was well thought out, something I didn't really think of mentioning in previous weeks but I do like how @R4IDER has gone for concentrated strong points within the towns, its a breath of fresh air from whole towns being occupied by roaming patrols which is a nightmare to clear and very dangerous. I think a few more road blocks/MG positions to clear would have been the icing on the cake.


Ok so first things first, I jumped out of Raven at the beginning...what a plonker....I was attempting to access Ravens inventory to check how many .203 launchers were being deposited but clearly my clicking of the chosen option via my mouse wheel button isn't the greatest choice, the wheel itself being a little sensitive (this isn't the first time this has happened :) )  So apologies to all affected by the cock up.

SL orders were a little confusing in places, think @R4IDER was probably just trying to do too many things at once but apart from that orders were good, tactics sound and comms frequent!

Teamwork with Alpha and Charlie seems to be improving, better communications of intended movements, contacts downed or spotted etc...we need to keep this up and improve where possible as its crucial for success in every urban/CQB situation.

From Bravo's perspective @Lt.Chris@Blu.@Wartomsniper we did pretty well, we had a couple of light casualties and a couple of T4's as well as a T2 which was me again :) next time no T4's please! @Blu. was Bravo's player of the night for me, he completed his FT role well, he was passing info about our surroundings to me in short sharp bursts as well as keeping his AR in the best positions and guiding him in as well as completing his AG duties to SOP standards. @Lt.Chris was point man for Bravo for most of the evening and did a top job, I only had to ask once and he got the job done. I was unfortunately having issues seeing @Wartomsniper he was flickering in and out throughout the whole game which caused me issues purely from not knowing if he was missing or right in front of me in the perfect position, @Raptor also confirmed this issue with Tom, really strange. However from what I could see @Wartomsniper was performing his AR duties fine when he was focusing, however there was a bit of a problem keeping you focused Tom, not sure if this is an audio thing or something else, you also talk a hell of a lot in game, no one has a problem with this out of game Tom please understand that but in game causes a problem i.e. people not being able to hear orders. Try and restrain it to "down times" but when were moving through a combat zones, keep it to a minimum.

And this leads me onto the apparent "picking on" within Bravo on Saturday, let me just clarify that I will NEVER allow any form of bullying in my team or this clan if I have any say in the matter, end of. The issue here was @Wartomsniper's concentration. He was asked to stay in formation and on multiple occasions had to be led by his AG back to where he was supposed to be (I couldn't see him to guide him remember). Tom I think you just need to stick to your buddy like glue and listen more to the orders being given by the TL (i.e. formation, direction, pace, T1 do this T2 do that), I personally went through this information with you in a one to one training session when you first joined and am happy to do so again if you feel it would help? @Lt.Chris whilst lacking a little patience, in his defense, did tell you multiple times not to walk in front of him and to stay in formation, that's all no picking on, after a few attempts he got annoyed about having to ask for a 4th time, I would be exactly the same.   

8/10 had a good crack, lets get to Stanley!

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Good job @PARKER

Also I agree with @R4IDER mission planning. Really great having proper multiple patrols in town as well as surrounding areas. Multiple tactical problems to deal with, make for a fantastic experience.

When Alpha got hit from the flank at close range by stumbling into a patrol, whilst moving to engage a longer range fireteam, it was a moment of orgasmicness.

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So this was my first campaign mission since coming back to GOL.

It is quite how I remember it when it comes to personalities and the banter (within Alpha). One thing is that it feels a lot more tight now and I quite like it even though I am still getting used to all the keybinds and formations and so on. @Filth and @Pilgrim did a fantastic job to fill me in during the mission and answer any questions I had without showing any sign of irritation. Feels like I never left.

As for the mission it self, I tend to agree with @Filth on that one and as Alpha we smashed it. Congrats on the rank up and being an awesome team. @Skeliton @unionjak




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You can go right off people you know....


New buddy in my team....obviously looking the other way...;)

11 minutes ago, PARKER said:

Didnt one of those guys go mad, one lost his legs and one copt it...? :)

Can you IMAGINE @Wazowski role play reaction if he lost his legs??? :o :)

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Just now, Pilgrim said:

New buddy in my team....obviously looking the other way...;)

Touché! ;)

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This was a great mission and i enjoyed it rather a lot....

I felt like we were the special forces that were sent in...to death or gory(sorry glory) parts of the mission :) Was intensive, harsh, brutal and emmersive  all at the same time.

Had an absolute blast with the team members: @Filth, @Pilgrim, @Skeliton and last and by no means last @Chippy. When the team is this good, no words are required to be honest. 

Watching air do their thing was fantastic, and as usual reinserts (not that i needed that service @Pilgrim) and resupply was efficient, so thanks again guys.


Comms seemed ok from my point of view (maybe my banter near the end was a bit to much...sorry about that) 

Lets get to stanley....

Thanks for the promotion....i deserve it :)

UJ (steve)


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