Operation: Bite & Hold (Remake)

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Operation: Bite & Hold


During the winter months, CSAT captured most of the island of Altis. International pressure enforced a shaky seize fire. It is now spring, and the AAF have had considerable time to build up their forces.

On a rainy morning, AAF mechanised forces counter attack. Their objective is to gain a foothold in Pyrgos against superiour CSAT formations.

Enemy Forces

CSAT maintains a significant troop presence on the island. Due to economic sanctions and blockades, enemy forces and garrison troops field mostly outdated kit.

CSAT ground troops are supported by their air force.

CSAT air space is safeguarded by numerous AAA and SPAA.

CSAT have had much time to fortify their positions. Having set up solid defensive positions, the enemy will be able to reinforce their troops with ease. However, CSAT is unable to keep their impressive army supplied indefinitely.


3rd Platoon AAF Mechanised Grenadiers will perform a counter attack on CSAT’s Southern flank. The main objective of the operation is to seize a foot hold in Pyrgos and defend it against any CSAT attempts to recapture the city in its entirety. At mission time +03:00h, 3rd Plt must hold Line Red at the very least.

The best possible outcome for AAF forces in this mission is to capture Pyrgos in its entirety and defend it against any CSAT attempt to recapture any part of it.



Tasking - 1-1

Phase 1

-Reconnoitre Southern Fortifications

-Destroy heavy weapon emplacements

-Capture and destroy CSAT Supply depot at Port Storage

-Establish Line Red

-Optional: Establish defensive positions at Line Red

-Optional: Take Prisoners


Phase 2


-Capture and destroy CSAT AAA Strongpoint

-Establish Line Orange

-Optional: Establish defensive positions at Line Orange

-Optional: Take Prisoners


Phase 3

-Capture CSAT HQ. Enemies willing to surrender must be taken prisoner and extracted from the city immediately.

-Destroy Central Fortifications

-Hold at limit of advance Line Green

-Establish defensive positions at Line Green until relieved


Tasking - AAC

Note: Collateral damage is a concern. Cultural heritage sites (Castle ruins, Pyrgos Cathedral) and administrative structures (HQ) must remain intact.



-Maintain air superiority

-Assist with ISTARS and CAS

-Provide logistical assistance (MEDEVAC, resupply, reinforcements, prisoner extraction)

-Attach Hammer call sign to 1-1 if attendance permits


Phase 1

-Search and destroy AA immediately North of Pyrgos

-Assist with the destruction of Southern Fortifications


Phase 2

-Create a supply dump at Point Cup


Phase 3

-Extract 1-1 from Point Cup


Logistics and Support


2x Pandur II IFV

1x BTR-90 IFV

1x BMP-2 IFV

1x Fennek HMG

1x Fennek MHQ unarmed



2x Gripen

4x AV-8J Harrier II

3x AW159J Wildcat

1x AW101 Merlin


1x Service Station

2x Rearming Missile Carrier



Signed Filth


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Apart from the tech issues which require no mention.

I had an absolute blast in Pig. I hope my team had the same experience.

With a tonne of contacts to deal with, @Skeliton reacted to call outs incredibly quickly and with great success, swapping between weapon systems on demand, and with good effect. Apart from once, on the game restart, where we spent a little time accustomising to the new vehicles weapons, we dealt with threats in good time.

@Evilcommand performed driving duties admirably, getting us in and out of situations as requested.

The team repaired the vehicle under fire which deserves mention.

My comms were a tad phronetic and stuttery at times. Couldn’t spit my words out fast enough. And there’s also a balance in relaying necessary and unnecessary information to actual, which I may have done on a  couple of occasions. Me: “You’re being engaged”  @Filth “I’m well aware of that.” :lol: I thought he was going to follow up with “and if I die you’ll be sure to tell me, right?”

We played it safe most times and found reasonable cover in most situations, and hopefully we were in position for the team when needed.

One thing I would say to team leaders is that when actual is down, get on the radio and use Pig more on 50.1. But even then, towards the end that was starting to happen. 

We lost two vehicles and survived one of those. First was an unsighted enemy whilst In reasonable cover at the start, and the second was a do or die situation whilst taking out a major threat to the squad. Which we got out of.

GG guys. 




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Oh. I’m aware I turned out more than Filth felt comfortable with. That was partly for my own immersion, I confess, so i’m sorry about that. I was getting claustrophobic, and the ballsy Russian vibe spilled over.

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yea had lots of fun .

my team dit well onder the preceur of rokkit's flying over en bullits from pig.

@Wartomsniper dit well hy was stikking most of the time with his buddy, ent makt same good call's  on contaks i am srry thet i dit not do a lot with it i was gating a bit over welmt with comm's ent 3 team membber's calling in contect's

P,s  i now thet you ar a bizzy man but try to keep the telling storry's  a liitel bit less  :D

i hope to see same sort of trianing on wen to call in contact's ent in with fesion to do it wen its bizzy.

@Wazowski you dit as well same realy nice stuff bud try not to run to fart a head of you team leader, 

@Joe Malley hy was realy good  same time a liitel in panic from cookoff  thet hy was finking  HE 40  were coming in  remember cookoff  reance is prity far.


ok my self

i now i needit to take comm's over wen @Filth was down bud  i forgot it, i was so deep in game

wen i took over i dit not now wat to  do with pig  or Acc   i never had to  eny fing with them is the from  so srry for not making eny good use of it


@unionjak i now houw it is starting as TL  with comm's ent all thate wats gowing on you dit well , bud wen i was trying to gif you orders i needit to call in 2x time's same time 3x by for i got a anser out of you,  bud wen you got the onder you dit not waste eny time went went treat for it, i lovet it :D 




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Evening Gents. Coming out of this with some mixed feelings.


Was where I had the most trouble. I still discover time and time again what a noob I am at editing, even though I've been doing it for years. It is now my conviction that leadership is easier than editing. Oh well.

Most of the issues I had were fixed by a template update. Not all though, since destroying a SU-34 (CSAT) kills the server. I didn't test this.

I would like to replay this mission some time again, so I'll work on the following:
-Balance overall
-Southern fortifications static weapons, making them more obvious since they were so difficult to find
-Having AAC operate from a carrier or closer air field to enable better support

Anything else worth mentioning?



I'm happy with the performance of all the teams. Most of the mistakes are either my own or based on editing. The only point worth mentioning is, as @SoKkada points out, the loss of leadership. This is precisely why I'm having all NCOs lead Squad in training sessions.

Thanks to @Lt.Chris for easing some of my burden as the FAC.

So what went wrong on my end:

I bit off more than I could chew. Game mastering and leading a mechanised squad while coordinating with air assets at the same time is simply too much to manage. As a result, my performance on the ground was sloppy and I became a T4 on two occasions. Shameful.

Team leaders (previously unmentioned @unionjak) and @Pilgrims Pig call sign performed admirably in the face of chaos, down time and loss of leadership. I believe we're all aware that, with a little more practice and better organisation, we can kill this mission.

Lastly @Raptor and @hoofed who equally, put up with the difficulties of the mission admirably. I'll note all the points you made in the debrief. No more modded Wildcats.


All in all I'll give this a 6/10, purely because I'm not quite happy with how it turned out.

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I really enjoyed this mission, at least when i wasnt actually dead...but to be fair i got killed because i had to take risks.

I will say right from the off that self-doubt is making me very nervous about leading as i dont want to ruin anyone's immersion or game time...and real life work is making me tired adding to negativity that is trying to build up as team leader. However, i must say that i really enjoy the "crack" of leading and hopefully i will have more head space as i have finished a lot of contracting work of my own.

Mission wise, i had a brilliant team in bravo namely @NeKoArroW, @Blu., @Devastator who turned my incoherent mutterings into tangible requests to a high degree of success. The penny dropped as to why guys like this dont need to be micro managed...even though i still tried. To say that @NeKoArroW showed massive patience is an thanks.

I feel we should have used @Lt.Chris more to, basically call our air guys to drop ordnance close in...would have helped lower t4`s 


With a bit of pure brute force and close air support we could have, and hopefully will win this mission...


Thanks again, and thanks as usual to the air guys for your good humour and rawk : )


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Yep. The Feres airfield is the best ground option. It’s still quite a distance out (with our radios performing as badly as they are) but a safe flight path can be more direct.

Putting a carrier in the 170,080 area would be another good option as it would be considerably closer but far enough away to not be hassled by AA. But it would mean going Harrier and helicopter only and probably isn’t in keeping with the mission narrative. I’m cool with whatever you choose.

On using the vanilla AW159, it’ll solve my gripe with the wonky flight model and the main rotors blowing out on things at ground level (which means I’ll be able to load resupplies crates without having to switch helicopters). We would be losing the fancy HE canons, wildly inaccurate guided rockets and Hellfires on a transport chopper but they’re so rarely used I don’t think anyone will notice. As @Raptor said, there is an armed vanilla version but if it were up to me I’d go unarmed.

Thanks for the mission, @Filth.

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