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Training Subjects

Multiple subject focus including

-Danger Zone Crossing


-Buddy Team Manoeuvres (Bounding Overwatch, Successive Bounding, Peeling)


Operation Black Gold by Parker

MAP: Zargabad

DATE: 19/04/18 19:00 BTC

Terrain: Mountains, Plains, Croplands, Urban

Weather: Clear

Forecast: Clear

Starting Time: 0400 hours

Starting Position: FOB Gibraltor

Recommended View Distance: 3000m +


A mix of well equipped Takistany regular army and extremist rebel troops from Zargabad have taken over the city and all of its major infrastructure including the city centre, airport, military facilities and most importantly the oil field to the NW of the city. Allied forces have deemed it critical to retake the oil and airfield to ensure future successful actions in the larger area and to meet operation requirements.

Black Gold 2.PNG


Enemy forces consist of splinter takistany army regulars led by the infamous Colonel Aziz (recently sighted in the area) and a handful of extremist rebel tribes. Due to the recent takeover of the city troops stationed at the major facilities appear to have joined him rather than risk death and therefore the colonel has acquired multiple air assets as well as an array of anti air defenses and a mechanized battalion. While we can only guess exactly what has fallen into their hands the message here is expect them to be well equipped and well trained.


We must re-take control of the oil and airfield. Allied command believes if we can regain control on the Western / North Western sectors including the above mentioned facilities regular army will be easily persuaded to withdraw and rebel support will fade away, the vets on the ground aren't so sure but those are the orders. A small group of special forces have been put together and plans drawn up as follows;

Recon has identified a possible assault point located North of the city with weak defenses and could possibly allow our troops to sneak in unnoticed under the cover of dark and cause high value damage.

Note: Native farmers in the area are to be protected, hearts and minds people hearts and minds.

Insert - LZ Zulu

OBJ1 - Assault and clear the oilfield, destroy or use any assets found.

Black Gold 3.PNG

OBJ2 - Assault a known enemy barracks North of the Zargabad airfield

OBJ3 - Assault and clear Zargabad Airbase

Black Gold 4.PNG


There are a number of known enemy facilities in the area as well as anti air and mechanized troops, it is AAC's job to provide deep strike ordinance, CAS and infantry resupply if required. A number of Mi8's and air assets have also been confirmed as patrolling the area.

Special Info

  • This op was originally intended as a Saturday op so I'm not expecting us to complete all objectives but you never know!
  • Gibraltor Airfield and LZ Zulu can be fast travelled to from FOB Gibraltor if required (if no pilots)
  • A MHQ is available at LZ Zulu as well as a number of lightly armed Special Forces variant Land Rovers
  • Titan AT launcher now standard, limited additional ammo available.
  • Red circles identify known enemy Anti Air zones
  • Assets found in the AO may be useful!

I know you don't need reminding of this gentleman but this is a code black operation, remove your tags and any personal items and suffice to say if you are captured allied forces will deny all knowledge of your existence - lets get this done Good Luck!



6 x SF Land Rovers

20 x cable ties

4 x Extra Titan AT Rockets

10 x Demo Charges


1 x AH-6M-L

2 x AH-6J

1 x AH-6MJ

1 x AW159J

1 x AH-1J

1 x Merlin HC3J

2 x F-35B-J Lightning II

2 x Portable Mortars

vote requests

@GuzzenVonLidl@Oksman@Luke@Chroma@madmatt@UnknownEngineer@Chippy@Blu.@Joe Malley@Devastator@Wartomsniper@Skeliton@Evilcommand@Wazowski@elyas007@Echo@albertofum@Burnzy@Thunda



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There was not quite enough time to complete the different elements, but what we did do I hope was useful to Alpha. 

I tried to emphasise flexibility, common sense and communication, which the newer guys in Alpha picked up on well and went with.

MAYBE an idea would be to give a heads up to TL’s pre training, so they can put any bullet points regarding training modules, around the map beforehand so they have a cheat sheet to work from. Like we do with formations sometimes. I initially messed up conveying alternating and successive bounding which confused my team to start with. My bad.

Also maybe a slightly different layout for that exercise which I can explain later  if I may @PARKER ? Just to simplify and clarify the basic intentions.

Other than that I think this circuit approach can work well.


Total hectic fun. Great scenario. As said In debrief, had a strong team who supported my leadership, and also a shout to @hoofed who called out some solid contact reports.

Disappointed with our grenade kill crossing that field. I could have been more decisive and got some smoke out. Who knows. We were uncomfortably exposed. 

Great AT work from @R4IDER , and @Joe Malley and Waz made a solid team 2.

@Wazowski Yer a naughty boy who will have more tier 4’s than you should until you slow it down, and turn the Rambo down to 7 ;) But ya did pretty good apart from that fella. And I will always love your tier 3 immersion.

@PARKER gave good concise instructions, and the comms between us and Charlie in particular (as we always seemed closer to them) was good. Especially sweeping that last compound.

Any feedback welcome.

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@Pilgrim explain away my good man.

also in answer to the suggestion of informing TL’s before the training i completly agree (as i highlighted the exact same point about raiders training) my intention last night was to keep Filth and Raider seperate to overlook what was being taught but it didnt work out that way in the end. Will endevour to get this right next time.

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Pretty fun session. Massive thanks to @PARKER for putting his valuable time into this.


Since the teams were split at all times, we didn't really get to work together as a squad. That was a bit of a downer on the social side of things and kind of made me worried about a disparity of the procedures being taught. As was pointed out above, this needs to be adressed. But I'm sure we will do that in the near future.

The drills we did were very basic, but it's good to keep proficiency up with the basic things. Enabled us to try a few different approaches to similar situations in order to get the need for flexibility across. So that was good. The courses were well prepared, suitable for the job.

I enjoyed this from my own perspective, but I'm not in a position to speak for anyone else.



Was certainly a good one, that had a perfect balance of enemy forces. A big, detailed AO that made a lot of sense. Good production value.

Execution illustrated that good old Parker is making noticeable progress as a leader. Confident, competent and decisive. Very impressed and hoping to see more.

I agree that working with @Pilgrim's and @unionjak's teams was enjoyable and at times very successful, when direct communication and coordination took place.  

There were some hickups that deserve mentioning though.

5 hours ago, Pilgrim said:

concise instructions

I disagree with this a bit. Some of the instructions coming in were very lengthy and difficult to follow for me personally, since my team was overstrength and a lot to manage in combat situations. Acronym time: A-B-C. Accuracy, Brevity, Clarity. Instructions were certainly accurate, but the other two points were lacking on occasions. I suck at this too, it's very difficult to get right, but from my perspective the main point to work on for the big P.

Overall use of the squad's assets and capabilities was on point though. We had objectives and a purpose almost at all times. This is how it's done, and most of the procedures worked out very well. Used my own initiative to make it work at points, but that's natural.

Lastly: When setting up a squad in defensive positions, please make sure there is actually enough space to accomodate the teams. Setting two teams up in precisely the same compound opening is usually a waste of resources, and indirectly a source of unecessary casualties. There's  no shame in keeping one of the teams in reserve, sending them to reinforce, flank or bound to contact when it becomes necessary.

Friendly fire incidents are among the worst fuck ups we can get ourselves into. So myself and UJ will have to make an effort in spreading our TL's awareness from comms and cTab to our fire team members in order to avoid shooting at each other. Never mind what headdress we're wearing. 

After all the nagging I'll share my highlight: After we were attacked by the enemy attack helicpter, we were still pinned in the compound entrance by enemy fire from the front, keeping our teams in cover unwilling to push out in the open. Time was of the essence as the enemy had the upper hand in the situation. Parker didn't have any of it. He made us push out in the open, under rather heavy fire. We assumed a suitable squad formation and advanced in a decisive manoeuver, enabling us to overwhelm the enemy in turn with minimal casualties. This is how it's done. Avoiding casualties is one thing but risks must be taken to accomplish objectives. This has apparently sunk in with Parker and will enable him to lead squads to victory.


8/10 fun stuff, enjoyed all of this a lot. Time well spent, hopefully for the benefit of the squad as a whole.

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1 hour ago, PARKER said:

@Pilgrim explain away my good man.


Really simple.

just a succession of low walls, left and right, parallel with each other, enabling us to practice the very essence of successive and alternating, with a fortification at the end of it, central, and possibly at the start so we can turn round and do it again the other way.

Repetition. Repetition. get the idea




————.       ————

————.       ————

————.       ————

(As many as you like)



Incredibly basic but incredibly useful for recruits, and banging procedures into the guys.

The last central wall could be a frag exercise to complete the assault. Just to give a purpose. A skills test. For “fun”.


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@PARKER Training went really well I think splitting off the teams into different exercises works as it basically means everyone is doing something and it makes better use of the hour training.

@Pilgrim I think you're doing really well in a team leading position I don't have any pointers for things for you to improve really. You kept us updated on friendly positions and you moved us back when we were in danger. You simply need to keep doing what you're doing and you will be an excellent team leader.

I really enjoyed the mission also, I am a big fan of the AT's while they are very powerful when you can actually see the target. I think that using them in towns could be a slight problem so I think maybe just the charlie team should carry the Titan while the other teams carry our standard AT package. 

The mission gave the impression of a greater scale and there seemed to be units everywhere, there were some technical glitches but nothing that we couldn't work around and some double spawns which I think actually added to the fun of the mission. I look forward to playing the Saturday adapted version of this mission.

Cheers for running the training and for making the mission, would be happy to blow up BMP's again :)

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Wow really appreciate all of the above feedback, glad it was useful and fun which is always my aim.

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Loved the splitting  up the teams into smaller, more manageable units for training...although as @Filth  says it can bring in unwanted bad habits. 

It does however bring in some wanted good habits, like the ability to let all of the team take point for cqb and enable me to look at how individuals lead teams. Everyone tried as hard as possible to do well, without feeling embarrassed as they probably would in front of a large group.

Didnt really have time to do everything as i prefer to get it right by repeating but this mode of training has massive long as same-standards are achieved throughout.

mission was fantastic as not only did @GuzzenVonLidl make a very much appreciated return but i landed with a pretty mature team...and to make matters even more perfect for the first time i learned to stop micro managing everything. 

When the normal confusion had died down, it became clear that alpha bravo and charlie would be staying at a reasonably close distance and this worked....although we did have a friendly fire incident between us...this happens and with more experience this will simmer down, so i wont beat myself up to much. 

A fair amount of times i asked the team to move across barren land with no cover whatsoever...this was explained  clearly and what would probably happen. Not one single cry of descent and we actually "found" cover as we went(blown up vehicles etc.)

Love your "assault" style @PARKER on tis more please.

Watching the helicopter get an AT round in the face was brutal..and required. Thanks for the direction in mission @Filth:)


cheers all and thanks once again to @hoofed for looking out for us and in mission help/advice etc.




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Not much I want to add to what have already been said but as for training, It was nice to do some basics again and to get the feel of how GOL operates now'a'days.

The mission was great fun, I was always on my toes and tense through most of it. That being said missinformation or rather the lack of information and the tense feeling resulted in me downing one of our own, and for that I am sorry. (Hey atleast you got some shots off at us as well ;) ) But yeah, friendly fire is never fun for anyone and should never happend.


All in all amazing mission! 10/10!

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