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Sunday Mission (22/4-18 19:45 GMT+1)

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Mission ALWAYS starts at 19:45 / 7:45pm Swedish time. Use World Time Buddy to find out what time that would be for you. Enter your country/region in the white box to add your timezone to the list.,2643743&h=2673730

We are part of a rebel group who are resisting NATO's presence on Malden. Today we are going to create havoc by assaulting the town of Cancon which has a high NATO presence. While we are there, we will disable their vehicles aswell. This should hopefully draw NATO's attention to Cancon which allows us to regroup with friendlies who are currently looking for a new hideout.

There are 13 slots available.
Limited respawns are present, avoid getting killed!

Required mods: CBA, TFAR
Allowed mods: Blastcore, STHUD, JSRS

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As always, thanks to everyone playing. I'm sorry UJ did not have the best experience due to limited respawns, I feel somewhat bad about it with the flawed editing in Cancon. There was a respawn reward after the first objective but due to my mistake editing Cancon it was so long until we were rewarded with it.

Things that will tweaked for future replayability is to focus NATO forces around the areas where the vehicles are located, possibly a bit of stuff around it to make them easier to find (Objective 1 is supposed to be a <1h objective). The way it is right now it's basically a "move through all of Cancon and find shit".
I will add additional intel on the map (either possible locations of NATO forces or the location of one of the vehicles).
Increase the reinforcing units and slightly more presence of units between Camp Nekster and the Hideout.
Add a couple of demo blocks in the listening post for forgetful/confused SL's like me so we don't need to fetch them back at the MHQ or use AT's weaponry to destroy static vehicles.

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