Battle for the Falklands - Week 5

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MAP: Malden

DATE: 28/04/18 18:00 UTC

Operation Name: The Fall Of Stanley

Terrain: Woodland, Ridges, Open Ground, Towns

Weather: Overcast, Storm, Windy (N)

Forecast: Overcast, Storm, Rain (Moderate), Windy (NW)

Starting Time: 1630 hours

Starting Position: Wideawake Airfield



On the night of 11 June, after several days of painstaking reconnaissance and logistic build-up, British forces launched a brigade-sized night attack against the heavily defended ring of high ground surrounding Stanley. Units of 3 Commando Brigade, supported by naval gunfire from several Royal Navy ships, simultaneously attacked in the Battle of Mount Harriet, Battle of Two Sisters, and Battle of Mount Longdon. Mount Harriet was taken at a cost of 2 British and 18 Argentine soldiers. At Two Sisters, the British faced both enemy resistance and friendly fire, but managed to capture their objectives. The toughest battle was at Mount Longdon. British forces were bogged down by assault rifle, mortar, machine gun, artillery fire, sniper fire, and ambushes. Despite this, the British continued their advance.



Having secured Sapper Hill, Douglas wouldn't fall so easily and the Argentine forces have managed to hold their ground. The Argentine forces have set up a strong hold on the southern side of Douglas. This mission continues from where it ended last week and we will need to continue completing the objectives. The main objective in Operation Mikado is to secure the airfield.


Infantry Task Force:

Task 1: Insert Darwin Parks DZ

Task 2: Two Sisters Ridge ( Red, Green) Sectors

Task 3: Secure Bluff Cove (Purple) Sector

Task 4: Secure Cortley Ridge

Task 5: Secure Stanley (Radio Station, Government House)


Task 1: S&D Air Defences - continuous!

Task 2: Insert Squad Darwin Parks DZ



Battle for the Falklands


Requirements: 75% Attendance



4x Harrier GR.9J
4x AV-8J Harrier ll
4x CH-47J Troop Transport
4x Lynx


Signed Staff Sergeant R4IDER

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Good stuff. 

Very happy with my 1-1 Charlie. @unionjak @Skeliton @Chippy. Great team.

Few too many t4’s and with some very quick bleed outs at times, but the terrain was tricky and the action phronetic, so it was to be expected to an extent.

All of my team were on good form, with some excellent short and long range engagement. Did everything I asked of them to good effect. Good banter in between times.

I was sorry to lose @unionjak half way through, and I think the team suffered a tad from being understrength. But the various changes were done quickly and effectively. And my loss was Bravo’s gain.

From our POV, squad movement seemed pretty good, and I hope I managed to keep cohesion with Charlie as much as possible. Various casualties did hinder our support of the other teams at times.

Enemy placements were well thought out, and I enjoyed the random patrols and sudden close action. 

@Skeliton. Stop being shot at ;)

As usual, any TL feedback welcome. Missions seem to fly past now I’m leading and I don’t process as much, after action.

Apologies for my team blue on bluing. My bad. I took my eye off the ball and couldn’t see one of the teams outside my immediate view on the cTab and called “contact”. Sorry again @Joe Malley


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More of what we've recently become used to. A high quality mission with a good ammount of challenge. Decent mix of moving patrols, counter attacks and stationary guards.

As @Pilgrim points out above, this was as random as war gets. One stray bullet out of nowhere easily caused T4s. In spite of the changed enemy weaponry. But that's just the way it is I think, always have to have a bit of luck to come through alive. However it must be pointed out that the AI behaved weirdly. Within, say, 200m, they were extremely deadly. Anything above, they were cannon fodder.

One further thing that deserves mention was the abandoned town we moved through. I enjoyed the concept of that. Had a very eerie mood to it that apparently made people very nervous, hence the blue on blue.


This was excellent on a squad level. I think we're getting somewhere. Overall cohesion and organisation were very much improved. The use of squad formations and maneuvers was fluent. Sensible. Right tools were selected for the right job. Good comms. Good coop between the fire teams, autonomously. I particularly enjoyed our awareness of keeping out of each other's way, while still maintaining close mutual support. Both Bravo and Charlie seemed to perform very well from my point of view, in spite of having to reorganise Bravo team (thanks @unionjak!)

It'd be great if we could make this our new baseline performance.

Alpha did not fare quite as well. We took a significant number of random casualties which I believe can not be blamed on individual performance. As I point out above, enemy behaviour and capabilities were somewhat random. Sometimes they dropped like flies. Sometimes we did.

Additionally, Alpha was overstrength for the latter half of the Op, so that's always difficult to manage. At several points, I would have wished for a bit more calm and focus within the team. I'm particularly unhappy with people's behaviour around corners: Stacking four people on the edge of a rock formation, all of them standing up, peeking past each other's heads. Not only does it look ridiculous, it's also an extremely inefficient use of manpower, cover and sectors. Worst case: You shoot your buddy in the head. Best case: You get flanked and destroyed.

With those complaints off my chest, I can say that Alpha behaved admirably in many situations as well. You guys paid attention when it really mattered, allowing us to keep good cohesion in difficult situations. Further commendations are in order for excellent contact reports and reaction to contact. While leading the team wasn't easy at times, it was a lot of fun and I think bottom line, we did really well. Thanks!


Lastly, Air support seemed much more immediate in this operation than in the previous ones. Maybe this is caused by changes in editing, too. Was good seeing high value targets blow up just before we crested in front of them. Gave the impression of really smooth, well planned out organisation. @Blu. is a very welcome addition to the Corps - this will go a long way in enabling the entire group to cooperate more smoothly and efficiently in the future.


8/10 One day, some day, we'll take Stanley.

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Agree: the movement through the forest in the first third of the mission In squad V was awesome, with each team supporting each other, and was one of the nicest moments I’ve had team leading so far. Keep that shit up innit  :)

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Has GOL finally met its match? does Filthy really think “Alpha behaved admirably”? What really happened with Pilgrims blue on blue incident....find out next week in....The Stanley Family


(im kinda happy that we have a nemesis op)

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Alpha did not fare quite as well. We took a significant number of random casualties

Good thing I never died so didn't add to this :)

ill add abit of critique on the things i noticed within the fireteam  (I'm not going to bother mentioning when the fireteam become over-sized that was kinda silly and needed to be more evenly distributed or perhaps a 3 man fire team led by someone instead)

@WazowskiI noticed a few of your deaths were avoidable and was mostly due to your high enthusiasm to go straight into high danger to engage enemies despite not factoring in that you were more than likely to be shot/killed when doing it. Such as when we were moving though the narrow rock paths and we took fire, we all held position except you who went forward to fight them despite the enemy knowing where we are and with their guns aimed on the area we were moving into which naturally resulted in you getting T4. Just remember we don't have the scoreboard enabled so there's no contest for "who gets the most kills" or anything like that instead the contest actually is more "which fireteam did the best by maintaining the best discipline and fewest losses"

edit: oh yeah almost forgot, I also noticed that you liked to try and do other fireteam members jobs by jumping inbetween places in the fireteam or by taking up their sector for no real good reason, Just trust in your fellow team members do their part so you can do your part :). 

Another point which I noticed which I'm surprised @Filth did not mention was that you were constantly giving suggestions/ideas despite the orders/decision had already been made, while we like that you are very eager and engaged with what we are doing it can become quite an annoyance when trying to lead a fireteam and take orders from a squad leader at the same time, just do your bit and the team leader will do theirs and if you have some critique with the decisions being made you can use the the operation thread in question to present that criticism/suggestions. 

Guess the bottom line summary would be - Keep calm and don't be in a rush or in a quest for glory , the glory comes from coming out of an operation feeling "that fire team was awesome and i hardly/never died!"

Don't take this badly, you are going in the right direction just take this onboard and see if you are able to adjust yourself accordingly and then you will be well on your way to good things I'm sure of that. 

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This was a hard battle and for once i kept my head down....

Lots of stalling moments when the enemy overwhelmed our position with low rate, but very accurate fire. The rate of casualties started to rise and i think this reflected in the eventual caution we started taking. 

Loved being with @Pilgrim and we did indeed get our act together(the team, not pilgrim and i :)   ) things were going really well with some outstanding long range shots...brilliant night.

As already stated going through the town with no enemy was atmospheric and immersion was perfect. Battling through hard unrelenting enemy with ground assets getting blown up right in front of our eyes was delicious arma 3 and more precisely classic GOL clan stuff...all those involved should be proud, and for my small part i am.


Had to take over from @SoKkada (bravo) due to technical issues....and it must be said they behaved admirably and would often set up sectors etc. unprompted and automagically....which i was glad about, as i was a tad pissed to be honest.

By all accounts air was superb for medical help, air cover...and blowing the shit out of ground targets that were about to unleash death on us...so big thanks to you guys.


Well done @R4IDER this was a classic, loved every minute :)

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Went back over the recording of the first crash to work out what went wrong. Took a screenshot of the moment the heli exploded. Went into the editor and lined up the same helicopter at the same location and it had several feet of clearance. I guess the answer is “because Arma”.  Won’t be landing at that chapel again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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He’s the NTSB maverick who ain’t afraid of bucking the system and bending the rules to get to the truth.

Next week, Air Crash Investigation uses Il-2 Sturmovik and newly discovered line drawings, to discover why the coaxial gun on a T-34 jammed at Pokrovka causing it’s operator, Andrei Potemkin, to curse and spill his tea.

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Mate, I’ve been reaching new levels of sad recently in my attempt to suck less as a pilot (mostly in DCS). Things can’t just go wrong. I have to find out why so it doesn’t happen again. Next I’ll be growing a 1970s porn ’tache and wearing Aviators during the mission.

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Hah! If you think stealing my look will help, yer welcome to it. 

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