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Sunday Mission (6/5-18 19:45 GMT+1)

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We always start at 19:45 Swedish time, feel free to ask me for an invite to the steam group to have it translate it to your timezone. Otherwise use,2643743&h=2673730.

We are part of the local militia on Altis. We have the support of NATO (in forms of vehicles and aerial support) to get control of arms dealers and rebel forces in the region.

Today we need to investigate three towns, there has been sightings of weapons and suspicious people in the area. Unless a person is armed they are considered civilian. Civilian casualties are not acceptable, we are also not to intrude on to their property unless we find a good reason to.
We may take suspicious people in to custody and bring them to FOB Windstorm for questioning. Any possible weapon stashes are to be destroyed or secured.

There are 13 slots available.

Required mods: CBA, TFAR
Allowed mods: Blastcore, STHUD, JSRS

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We enjoy playing ArmA3 in a tactical and professional way and ensuring at the same time a high level of fun is kept within the game. We use tactics and procedures from various armies and modify them to suit our own needs. This allows us to operate in the ArmA 3 platform effectively.

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