Operation Harvest Red Week 3

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@PilgrimThat's why I said we should get peoples focus on not dying instead. Maybe I didn't word it correctly.

Just ultimately trying to save someone who'd have to code all this stuff out people are mentioning for no reason other than to make it harder for people to keep count. (Which judging by the soundoffs most of us cant do anyway);)

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About kill count or not. What about the AG that stands there with binos up and directing the AR. How do you count his points? Or how du you count FAC, SL and TL points for success and progress? 

If counting kills ever will be fare your need to count I  everything... so skip counting kills. Our even showing them. Kills does not make you a good GOL soldier. Contribution does. 

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Well it’s far easier to code out than to code in. You just select and delete :)

But ANYWAY. Like I say. It’s not a biggie. Just by reiterating the ethos In training, and actioning what’s already been discussed should get the message across.

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