Operation Harvest Red Week 4

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MAP: Chenarus 

DATE: 19/5/18

Operation Name: Harvest Red

Terrain: Villages, forests, hills

Weather: Clear Skies

Forecast:  Clear

Starting Time: 1900

Starting Position: South Airfield



It is now time we advance further north to liberate more ground from the chadaki forces, we sent team razor in the night before we gather information about civilians and HVTs but lost contact with them. The USMC most now mobilize to take care of this as soon as possible.  



We have a number of towns and key landmarks which need to be secured for our greater advance to the north, this job is going to be harder however since we have become aware of civilians being held inside some of these locations so caution in the use of heavy weapons is required. We also need to track down team razor which we have lost contact with and must be located. We have marked the last known location of team razor so we should go there. 



Infantry Task Force:

Task 1: Secure all chadaki objectives

Task 2: Avoid civilian deaths  

Task 3:  Locate team razor 


Task 1: Support platoon as requested

Task 2; Extract civilians 


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Awesome mission!

A lot of crazy stuff going around, nice amount of contacts at objectives and amazing RP.

Bravo was a one army squad. Pew pew. GG WP

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fun fun fun ..


liket bing a grund  agian . its make's fings a littel more relax .


7/ 10

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Can't say much. Had to leave the game because of technical difficulties.


Was a fairly standard affair, very limited tactical and operational freedom due to the objectives having to be taken in order. Nonetheless, we were free to use terrain as we saw fit.

Worth mentioning is that that the AI seemed on top of their game. Very accurate and active.


Same thing applies, can't say too much.

Green mountain, I would have liked us to control the terrain more before we went into the objective.

Our redeployment by air was followed by mass casualties, I believe because the HLS and approach weren't chosen well: We were very exposed for the entire line of the following objective to shoot at us.

After that, texture glitches and FPS drops became so bad that I could no longer play.

3/10 bad day.

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Solid mission. A mix of static with a few patrols kept everyone on their toes.

@unionjak @Lt.Chris @Chippy @Skeliton

My team were great. A tad TOO much pushing ahead at times (the forest), but morale was good, orders were executed immediately, game faces were definitely on, and banter, although sometimes excessive, was good natured. Lots of contacts for the team to get their teeth both in to, and knocked out by.

We performed well and grew in confidence as the mission progressed. I hope you had a good time Bravo.

Two FU’s on my part, but not something I would really ever repeat again. Leaving behind a fireteam is not something I tend to do on a daily basis. And the misunderstanding sweeping the forest the wrong way round was embarrassing, although I think we would have been hit badly whichever way we went round.

I thought Bravo and Alpha worked reasonably well together In the absence of 1-Actual and there were some genuinely tense moments with some ballsy reactions.

AAC should be renamed AAAC. Brave souls.


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