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Terrain: Tanoa

Weather: Thunder

Forecast: Clear

Time: 08:45


NATO & US forces have liberated half of the Tanoa archipelago pushing CSAT forces down to the south eastern island.

Fearing being cornered, CSAT is launching a dangerous assault at an attempt to take the NATO forces unaware by striking at the heart of the island to recapture a strong point (The sugar factory).

Heavily outnumbered and outgunned The remnants of the CSAT presence in this island chain are required to make the best use out of there remaining assets to succeed.

Enemy Forces

  • US Naval vessels are parked off the western shore and pose a massive AA threat to our air units.
  • NATO ground forces have set up all along the front and locked down most fortified positions meaning reinforcements aren't too far away from anywhere on the front.
  • Air bases in the blue zone are occupied by AAA and USAF fighters and helicopters are on standby and will most likely be harassing our air units throughout the op.


1 - 1 will begin down in the South East at HQ Mercury from which AAC will be airlifting using multiple Y - 32 aircraft to carry the infantry in vehicles to the LZ along the dotted line to avoid AAA. Upon arrival at the LZ infantry will either be para dropped in their vehicles or they will be landed dependant on the situation. The infantry's main objective is to recapture the Sugar Mill but however will need to clear the town of Tanouka to avoid being encircled.

Once captured the mission is complete however if time permits there is a Tertiary objective to capture an enemy FOB nearby to the main airfield.

AAC will begin, once 1 - 1 has been dropped off, by destroying any reinforcements sent to Tanouka during 1-1's assault. While doing this enemy fighters will be dispatched and AAC must also maintain air superiority at all costs.

It is recommended that aircraft steer well clear of the US naval forces to avoid a hail of fire coming up at them as all ships will be heavily armed to protect the USS Freedom.


Area Report

Both objectives for 1-1 will be close together so expect compacted enemy groups.

Movement from the LZ to Tanouka offers plenty of cover until you are within afew hundred meters of town which it then becomes open.

From the Mill to FOB Diesel is a long stretch of road with low amounts of cover however it is unlikely enemies will have fortified this open space.

Reports show that to the north there is a mechanised Squad, to the West a Motorised detachment and to the south an armoured detachment.



Assets available

  • 2x Y-32 Vehicle transport
  • 1x Y-32 Infantry transport
  • 1x To-201 Shikra
  • 1x YAK-131J
  • 1x SU-25 Frogfoot
  • 1x MI-290 Transport
  • 1x Ka-60 (armed)
  • 2x Quilin M134
  • 1x Quilin AT
  • 1x Typhoon Transport (MHQ)


  • 1x Service station (HQ Mercury)
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 I am having too many issues with my textures/assets. The trees and houses keep rapid loading and unloading causing about 10 fps. I cannot play like this, good luck with the rest of the mission. Apologies.
It is a similar issue to what I have encounted in a previous mission, looks like this:

Feedback as I will not be there for debrief:
The addition of the USS Freedom with it's 3 frigate escorts made this mission from an air perspective almost impossible. They were ~16km away but as soon as you lift from the airfield you would get painted and have incoming, once anywhere near the AO you would be greeted by a flurry of missiles. This would put you on defensive evasion for the whole flight with continues incoming. Throwing the enemy air assets into the mix also made for a mission that wasn't really a great time for 1 friendly fast mover, we only have so many flares. 

I do not believe there was any armament that we had available that would be able to take out the frigates, I fired a combined 16 x Kh-25MPU (4 rearms worth) at them with no sign of them caring or lowing of there barrage back at me.

If tasked with just land based AA this mission would have still been a challenge but also would have been possible to destroy those to make clear way for the insert birds which sadly a lot of the time landing in the same fate as me, burning.

Unfortunately these problems lead to pretty much no air support for the duration of the mission.

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same i hef not a lot to talk a boud  3x my game shut down  with the FPS bug  wen a hali or aa starts shooting or samifning.

B.T.W. @Wazowski plz stop moving so mast arond . ent moving in frond of friendly team mat's, i hef got shot bij thet this mission, AI wour shooting at  you ent you ran a way from it in to friend's in front of my ent the i was cheasing the bullit's

ent just try to stik to you buddy . ent w8 for order's to move .


for the rest i fink my team dit well  onder the los of controle  du to  my hefing to mast problem's


4/10  for my this time

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I call this artwork; Covering fire


Liked the mission, it was also nice how we worked our way though the urban terrain 

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16 hours ago, Raptor said:

 I am having too many issues with my textures/assets. The trees and houses keep rapid loading and unloading causing about 10 fps. I cannot play like this, good luck with the rest of the mission. Apologies.
It is a similar issue to what I have encounted in a previous mission, looks like this:

Same. Third successive mission plagued by similar technical issues to the point that people have to leave the game. This needs some serious looking into. The only thing I can contribute further is that, every time somebody mentioned enemy air assets being in the AO, my game lagged out. Once to the point that I had to restart it entirely. As Devastator pointed out, the issue seems to affect certain PCs more than others.



Highly ambitious. Very detailed with good production value. Definitely appreciate this and would love to see more.

The main point, as we discussed yesterday, is balance. Mostly with regards to the air side of things, which had a severe impact on the execution of the mission.

Since I'm by no means an expert on aviation, I'll focus on how to achieve balance on the ground:

You can do all the things you tried to achieve in this mission. There's no problem in being outnumbered. Even being counter attacked by plenty of vehicles is no big deal. However, you need to be very careful what assets you give the enemy. Indestructible AA with 15km range - might be a problem. APCs that eat 4 AT rounds for breakfast. The general rule of thumb should be: We need to at least have a chance to deal with what you're throwing at us. If that's not the case casualties will be numerous. Morale will drop and therefor, execution will suffer. The Namer APC is really the best example. Just exchange that with a M113, or two even. Same threat level, less armour. Can be destroyed with hand grenades, if we have to.

For this reason you'll see many mission makers do one of two things: Match the enemies capabilities and numbers with our own; or indeed, give the enemy cheap kit with little armour, but give them lots of it. These two approaches have proven to make for the most enjoyable missions, maintaining challenge while at the same time giving us a chance.

On the plus side, missions like these create survival situations. That's Arma at its best in my opinion.

Please keep at it @Chroma I believe you can take a lot of valuable lessons from this, your first major operation. Thanks a lot, to many more.


I only died once, at the very end. I only fired my rifle once. So from that perspective, on a personal level, it went well. Command had its own unique challenges in this mission though:

The approach to our AO was obviously precarious, to say the least. Our inability to decisively gain a foothold in the town put us on the defensive for the first half (!) of the mission. Strong enemy counter attacks made any progress impossible. Because of this the mission parameters could not be fulfilled.

Squad leadership was pure chaos throughout. I was told on several occasions that my instructions were very confusing. Well, I know I get call signs wrong sometimes, every leader does btw. What I saw though was that individual fire team members did a lot of things nobody told them to do. Initiative is good, but it needs communication. TLs must get a chance for a veto. Running of on your own will get you as well as others into harms way needlessly. Please keep this in mind. Furthermore, behaviour around corners is still abysmal. So is locking down sectors in defensive positions. We were outflanked countless times, in situations when two or more people were staring at the same, empty sector. This senseless slaughter must be avoided at all costs, so be prepared to be yelled at some more.

Similar things applied to the fire teams as a whole: Sometimes, they just went to do their own thing without telling anybody anything. Again: Initiative is good. Sadly, it's useless, even dangerous, without communication. Several friendly fire incidents could only narrowly be avoided.

I was very unhappy with the state of morale and discipline displayed throughout the second half of the mission. I know why you guys were fed up with the entire thing, seriously, I understand. On the other hand, it's not making it easier for the rest of us. In Arma, the way we play it, you have to take the good with the bad. That's the nature of team play. Please think of this out of respect for your fellow players.

Our supply lines as well as CAS management did not function in this mission because of reasons outlined above. I have the deepest respect for the patience and dedication of our air crews, putting up with a similar no-win scenario like we faced on the ground. As hoofed pointed out during the debrief, there is several valuable lessons with regards to organisation here, as well.


6/10 Promising and well made, but very frustrating on many levels.

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It could have gone A LOT better however this being my first sat op I tried to give AAC a lot to do to keep them occupied. I think i overestimated a bit... Coupled with the issues people have been having the past few weeks basically meant almost no support in a mission that relied on CAS for some armoured units. @Raptor You actually managed to take out 2 of the frigates by killing the crew but i agree with the ridiculous range some of the weapons they had shooting at you across the map thats my bad.

Overall I think there was a slight domino effect starting with AAC having technical issues which meant they couldn't perform as well as they could have meaning we couldn't have much support on the ground.

I think with the naval ships gone and these bugs people are getting fixed, we would've been able to complete the whole mission.

Shout out to @Filth @SoKkada @Raptor for putting up with the insane bugs going on and having to reconnect every 5 minutes

Thanks to everyone else for keeping patient as well, hope the little time everyone was together was good at least! Ill look back at some older missions and see how people whove been doing this a lot longer than I have balanced things out.

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