Reply to Operation: Sugar Rush

By Raptor,
I am having too many issues with my textures/assets. The trees and houses keep rapid loading and unloading causing about 10 fps. I cannot play like this, good luck with the rest of the mission. Apologies.
It is a similar issue to what I have encounted in a previous mission, looks like this: Feedback as I will not be there for debrief:
The addition of the USS Freedom with it's 3 frigate escorts made this mission from an air perspective almost impossible. They were ~16km away but as soon as you lift from the airfield you would get painted and have incoming, once anywhere near the AO you would be greeted by a flurry of missiles. This would put you on defensive evasion for the whole flight with continues incoming. Throwing the enemy air assets into the mix also made for a mission that wasn't really a great time for 1 friendly fast mover, we only have so many flares.  I do not believe there was any armament that we had available that would be able to take out the frigates, I fired a combined 16 x Kh-25MPU (4 rearms worth) at them with no sign of them caring or lowing of there barrage back at me. If tasked with just land based AA this mission would have still been a challenge but also would have been possible to destroy those to make clear way for the insert birds which sadly a lot of the time landing in the same fate as me, burning. Unfortunately these problems lead to pretty much no air support for the duration of the mission.