Operation Harvest Red Week 5

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MAP Chenarus 

DATE: 02/06/18

Operation Name: Operation Harvest Red Week 5

Terrain: Villages, forests, 

Weather: Clear Skies

Forecast:  Clear, dawn

Starting Time: 0800

Starting Position: USMC Airfield 



Now that we have established a good AO in the north we must now expand in the east, there are 3 targets which we need you all to clear for us. Should be routine enough go and get it done



Ok standard job men we need you to clear these 3 locations, should be simple enough, come back alive 



Infantry Task Force:

Task 1: Secure the 3 target towns 

Task 1: Support platoon as requested

Task 2: Overwatch platoon from any armored counter attacks from the north 


AAC Assets

2x A-10

3x UH-1Y

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Posted (edited)

I'm having the same texture glitches and low framerate as in last week's Operation Sugar Rush. @Raptor describes the glitch in some detail in his feedback:


Edit: Other members are reporting similar problems either in all or some occasions:

@SoKkada @Byleth @Devastator


Edit 2:

Suffered a CTD after relog. Reconnected appriximately 150min into the mission. No performance issues then, so it seems it must have been caused by something in the mission that didn't apply anymore when I reconnected.

@Chroma took over Alpha team with it looks like some success. Thanks a lot for doing that!

Most fire teams were in complete and utter disarray when I got back. Not sure what was going on there. However those last bits with the russian counter attack coming in were pretty interesting from a grunt's perspective. Very chaotic, trying to get everybody out, including stragglers who ran off from their teams and T2s. Pretty cool. Good fun.

With regards to our initial deployment, I believe an air assault was a sound decision. Motorised MO was not mentioned in the OPORD. Additionally, the Cars that were provided offered neither armour nor armaments, and deploying against a full on armoured force in that is pointless. However, the selection of our initial HLS could have been done with some more care. On foot, the squad can travel relatively quickly when not taking contact so we're not dependent on landing right in the enemies faces.


6/10 Shame about tech difficulties, but this seems to have been a good use of everyone's time.

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Took awhile for charlie team to meet sufficient contact to worry about, but once we got to the next AO it was a lot more intense with the spetsnaz team coming in as a counter attack at one point there was an rpg fired from the spetsnaz team which really woke us up but yeah it was enjoyable thanks for the mission. 

In conclusion more, booms.

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There's not enough feedback going around recently.

Please post something, even if it's just a short message.

What worked, what didn't? How can mission makers and leaders improve? Please let us know.

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It was a real shame @Filth was missing for large parts of our movement through the first two objectives. What you would have seen was two teams working very well together In CQB. A marked improvement. Players were keeping sectors, quick to react and had their heads in the game. I’m sure you would have felt happy with the progression. I’m sure @R4IDER can confirm that.

Bravo and Charlie did some good work together throughout, and made good decisions, acting quickly and with initiative. Even using C4 to create and improve our own defensive positions, and taking the fight to the enemy.

Comms between Charlie and Bravo particularly was very good. 1-Actual comms were simple but seemed well thought out throughout.

I agree with Filth about not using the vehicles. We would have got wiped fairly quickly. They looked about as useful as a chocolate teacup. As it was it made for an unintended but exciting insertion.

Very happy with Tom’s attitude this week. Hopefully this continues.

My team 2 was on the ball and in the game at all times. Just put @Chippy on point and all is well. And @Joe Malley was fantastic as AG, making the team incredibly effective.

There were no complaints during down time.

Morale seemed good through the squad.

Missed the last 15 due to my dumb t4. Seems it went to shit a bit. Meh. 

GG guys.

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Yet again saved by raider....due to yet another mods balls up. How many of these can we take before we look at how many mods we are using (50-80 gigs ffs)  ?

Anyhow back to the mission.....

In all i really enjoyed it with good lads from charlie all doing their thing to a good level. Did have to do a bit of fine tuning at the beginning but that was the end of most if not all of discipline issues. @Wazowski was point man on most assaults for which he excelled and to be honest kept charlie from total wipe outs at least twice so well done...we want more of that sort of thing. @Luke sorry if you felt a bit left out, i take full responsibility for be fair i dont need to ask you twice to do simple stuff and you have bags of initiative anyhow :)

I did suffer from losing players to tech errors and very rarely an actual t`4 so things went from good to bad and right back again frequently.

@Pilgrim and i tried(and succeeded) in keeping close proximity and direct comms(especially at the start when 1 actual was out of range as was alpha) which i pre warned charlie members about. We would happily work side by side with pilgrim taking the lead and charlie keeping flanks clear and one got killed so i hope we can repeat this until we are so good that merger right through each other to get into position is a natural thing.....

The mission had emmersion in all the right area`s and at times i was actually glad of a rest from constant gunfire from the enemy...but then i am rather old.

All in all a rather excellent mission that i think is the the best so far.

Thanks all.


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