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MAP: Omaha (I44)

Mission Date: 23/06/18

OPORD: Operation Neptune

Terrain: Beach, Rural Countryside, Villages, Normandy "Bocage"

Weather: Clear, Full Moon

Forecast: No Change

Start DTG: 06/06/1944 0700hrs

Starting Location: NW of the beachhead, codenamed Omaha, Dog Red







The time has come.

The invasion fleet is under way, today we will be breaking through the "Atlantic Wall" as the 1st Infantry Division, we are going to do an amphibious landing along the beaches of Normandy, We will be the second wave on Omaha, the division that landed just before us have taken most of the bashing but they have not been able to break though the barbed wire laid along the beach, this is where we come in.

In Operation Neptune there are 5 zones codenamed UTAH, Omaha, Gold, Juno, Sword. We are joined by the British 5th infantry Division fighting on Gold / The Canadian 3rd Infantry Division on Juno / British 3rd Inf Division 6th & airborne division at Sword




Strong currents forced many landing craft east of their intended position or caused them to be delayed. For fear of hitting the landing craft, American bombers delayed releasing their loads and, as a result, most of the beach obstacles at Omaha remained undamaged when the men came ashore.

Despite the rough seas, a couple of tanks have made it ashore they will be able to assist in the assault.

We will need to push up the beach and clear out all the bunkers in our sector of Dog Red and also we need to clear the town of Les Moulins and the strongpoint on the hill overlooking the beach.





We know that the beach defences and at Omaha area is manned by the 352nd Division. The 914th and 916th Grenadier Regiments are expected to form the brunt of the defence force with support from 352nd Panzerjaeger Abteilung and some Feld-Ersatz units. Total strength in our area is estimated at around 6000 on the front lines with another 6000 in reserve.

For our specific AOR we're looking at a composite battalion of around 500/1000 from the 352nd Infantry



The German defensive preparations show there their plan is to stop the invasion at the beaches. Four lines of obstacles are constructed in the intertidal zone. The first, a non-contiguous line with a small gap in the middle of Dog White and a larger gap across the whole of Easy Red, is 250 m (270 yd) out from the highwater line and consists of 200 Belgian Gates with mines lashed to the uprights. 30 meters (33 yd) behind these is a continuous line of logs driven into the sand pointing seaward, every third one capped with an anti-tank mine. Another 30 meters (33 yd) shoreward of this line is a continuous line of 450 ramps sloping towards the shore, also with mines attached and designed to force flat-bottomed landing craft to ride up and either flip or detonate the mine. The final line of obstacles is a continuous line of hedgehogs 150 meters (160 yd) from the shoreline. The area between the shingle bank and the bluffs was both wired and mined, and mines were also scattered on the bluff slopes.

We will be dealing static emplacements with in trenches and tunnels. As well as the MG bunkers that line the cliffs as well as the weaponry of rifles and machine guns, more than 10 light artillery pieces are deployed at these strongpoints.

Air Defense:

For Air defences we are looking at flak batteries. These are expected to be a combination of big flak 38's and smaller flakvierling systems which fire smaller rounds but faster. The Luftwaffe has a limited presence in the area.



We are landing part of the first wave. The second wave will arrive approximately an hour later with the third wave an hour after that.


The British 5th infantry Division fighting on Gold / The Canadian 3rd Infantry Division on Juno / British 3rd Inf Division and the 6th Airborne division at Sword.


Essentially, we're on our own.





A. Objective Overview


Mission Intent:

Our mission tasks are to push up the beach clear the main trenches covering the beach and destroy the pak emplacements located there, then we push in and clear Les Moulins, then we need to clear out WN 68 strongpoint of all contacts.


Ground Forces Task:


1. Insert into Dog Red via landing craft


2. Set up Squad fall back points near where you landed.


3. Push up the beach, being careful of the mines and blow up a whole in the barbed wire.


4. Eliminate all PAK 40 emplacements in front of the town.


5. Move in and clear the town of Les Moulins.


6. While town is being cleared we can have a squad clearing WN 66


7. Regroup outside Les Moulins and assault WN68 Strongpoint


8. (OPTINAL) Push Further in to Normandy


Air Corps Task:

The Air core tasks are as follows:

  • Land the tank on the beach and give cover to the units if possible (2-man crew)
  • Mortar team (3 Man crew) Provide cover for the units

C. Coordinating Instructions

Radio Frequencies

Platoon Net: 50.1

Air Corps Net: 50.3

Once you reach the beach take a minute to figure out who made it and what teams we have then make a push.


Area Overview 


Routes each team are going to take


Mission objectives


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May need a "special" request from any old nco`s as we have at least 2  present nco grades LOA at least ?

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3 hours ago, Oksman said:

Looks like fun, I'll try to join in!

Please feel us your old skills :)


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Oh dear Oksman in charge on Omaha beach. That'll be interesting lol

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The bombardment thing has been mentioned so no need to go over it. The tanks I feel were destined to never make it off the beach given the sight lines of the PAK-40s. Poor anvil never stood a chance and this was a bit naff for the crew who as Hoofed put it "spent the first half burning on the beach". Maybe could have given us a couple of wrecks to get hull down with to protect ourselves or maybe a blind spot in the AT firing arcs.

The biggest problem was our gear. We all initialised as pilots and had no access to the gear box so we spent the first 15(ish) minutes with nothing but pistols lol. A little known framework system is the ability to initialise player slots to have specific gear. This would have been a better solution here as it would have allowed the AAC ground team to spawn in as a ground team.


To begin with then we really couldn't do much. Between the gear thing and the anvil thing we were a little stranded at first. We got ourselves sorted and followed the infantry into the trenches where we set up our first firing post. Once there we managed some covering fire against the Les Moulins and a couple of vehicles but we never really got any proper support calls. While "bomb the town" was OK as there was only one town, "bomb the hill" didn't really help anything as there were like 3 visible hills. We need target id for the mortars just as much as you guys need them for your rifles. Please try to get us at least 4 figure grids for the target so we can lay the mortars on, ideally 6 figures.

The town itself was pretty grim going for us with little in the way of direction or focus, we just kind of milled about getting dead so we used the opportunity to bring up spare tanks from the beach between respawns.

Once we were on the cliffs, things improved a bit. Lots of chaos and lots of deaths largely due to KAR98 sniper AI. I'm like 98% sure the same guy followed us around all night taking our heads off until we found him, 300m away hiding by a building lol. The defence at the BUND line south of the cliffs was the highlight for me. We got ourselves set up and rained some proper firepower on the counter attacks where we were visibly contributing to the cause. In a final outburst of intelligent theft we turned a PAK-40 on it's previous owners and killed the last Marder :D

Now for my biggest bug bear of the evening, discipline. While the mission called for people to steal supplies as we were essentially cut off from our supply lines, people should not be taking roles that are not assigned to them. Grab a sniper rifle as there is nothing else and you're out of ammo, fine. Take a sniper rifle at a rearm box just because you want one, not acceptable. Yes I had a sniper loadout but this was for a very specific reason. It has optics which I can use to direct mortar fire and a radio to talk to actual. This is the ONLY reason I deployed as a sniper. The sniper is a recon role first and foremost and relies heavily on personal discipline to control your fire. You're not there to take out entire squads, you're there to provide intel. If you can't be trusted to stick to your allocated role, how can we trust you to control yourself with a sniper rifle?


A brilliant night despite the niggles and problems. Lots of chaos, lots of deaths, just as the beaches should have been done. GG all

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