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MAP: Neaville

Mission Date: 07/07/18

OPORD: Cobra

Terrain: Rural Countryside, Villages, Normandy "Bocage"

Weather: Light fog and cloud

Forecast: Slowly Clearing

Start DTG: 06/08/1944 0500hrs

Starting Location: Forward line of pickets, SW of US Field HQ La Haute Fresnaye





The breakout in Normandy that began at Carentan has exploded across the entire AO. The Cotentin Peninsula has been completely overrun and we now hold Cherbourg which has allowed us to deploy massed armour reinforcements. Pattons 3rd Army has "turned the corner", anchoring the allied lines on the coast at Avranches, and is now heading East toward Paris.

The Germans are being pushed back on all fronts.



Our company came to it's night stop around the hamlet of Mortain at last light yesterday and dug in for the night. Today we will have a rest and resupply day ready for another push tomorrow. For today though we are tasked with manning the forward picket. We should deploy patrols and man the defences in case of surprise but with the Germans on the run everywhere, it should be a quiet day.






Air Defense:



We are the forward most line of our company. 2nd echelon has set up to our rear around the village of La Durandiere and Le Chateau de Teiless. A rough 2nd line is stretched between those two anchor points.

Company CP has been located to our West around the village of La Haute Fresnaye.

Company strength is 3 platoons of Mechanised Infantry with assorted armour assets attached.



A. Objective Overview

Mission Intent:

Our mission is simply to man the defences at our given location and put out a proper defensive perimeter. Foot patrols should clear the bocage to our front and flanks while a hastily dug trench line forms the main focus of the defence. Usual layered defence tactics should apply. If the front becomes too dangerous to hold we should fall back to the 2nd line. If pushed further, our limit of retreat is the Company CP.

Ground Forces Task:

Man the forward picket

Air Corps Task:

Banshee - Maintain Air Superiority

Anvil - Assist in the defensive line as needed

B. Intel Package

AOR Overview:


Note the Bocage terrain. Roads offer clear transit routes but you can bet the Germans are thinking the same thing. Use the bocage to your advantage when setting up ambush points and defences.

Front Picket Detail:


We have some limited weapons at our picket thanks to the retreating Germans and a mid-night drop off from the Red Ball Express. We have 2 PAK-40s, a couple of .30 LMGs, 3 mortars and 2 Sherman Fireflys at our location. Trenches have been dug to give us a base defence line but we should adjust this to protect our flanks. The tree lines to our front are a perfect way for any Germans to sneak up on us so we should patrol them.

Picket to 2nd Echelon:


The second echelon is some 500m to our rear. There are mortars and supplies in both the village and the chateau while the crossroads holds a forward motor pool of Fireflys with some more supplies. 2 Platoon is currently holding these lines.

2nd Echelon to Company CP:


The distance between 2ECH and CP is a bit longer with a small farm in the centre. 3 Platoon are holding the area around the farm as well as patrolling the gap between the lines.

CP and Airstrip:


This is our rear echelon. A forward airstrip has been built for the 9th Airforce and they will be providing fighter cover to keep the Luftwaffe at bay. If we have to fall back here, this is where we stop. We either hold this or die trying. If we get beaten back here, the Germans will have a clear run at the rest of the 3rd Armies Flanks.

C. Coordinating Instructions

Radio Frequencies

Platoon Net: 50.1

Air Corps Net: 50.3

D. Materiel and Supply


5x P-61 Black Widow

5x P-38 Lightning

5x P-51 Mustang

Multiple Sherman Firefly Tanks at various defensive locations

Mortars deployed at defensive lines


SnrAM Jason

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Penultimate mission in the Allied Operation Overlord Campaign

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B-17 and B-24 bombers in formation at mission start. Sound effect didn't bloody work though


Banshee over the front line





The only German in the village


PID script working nicely


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My own self critique as always


This mission was a blast to make since, as R4ider pointed out in the debrief, we rarely sit on the defensive. Everything worked out fine apart from a couple of small irritating triggers/effects that didn't work for some reason and ofc the AI being the AI.

First up the engine sounds of the bomber formation at launch didn't play. Not sure why as I used the self same script I used on week 1 and that worked fine. It was background ambience and not important but I spent 6 bloody hours finding and editing those 2 sound clips lol. Sods law really.

Second was the trigger to populate the front line after we retreated. I've used the same trick in the past to control exactly when a spawn will happen but for whatever reason it didn't work last night. Led to some emergency zeusing and this is why the final push to retake our trench was a bit on the easy side. Well that and the fact that the first lot I zeused in was promptly annihilated by Hoofed and Raptor in their Lightnings (you two are grounded next week :P ).

Lastly was the AI pathing thing. In testing on my own system the AI chose one of three routes. They went to our Northern flank, came straight at us or went to our South flank. No obvious reason for the choice, they just picked a route and favoured it. Testing on the server, the AI chose one of two routes, North or South flank. Mission time, the AI chose the Northern flank. This led to a quiet time for the guys on the South flank but like I said last night at the debrief, I can't really control the AI that much. I tried diverting units toward you, tried spawning additional units from Zeus, tried deleting units and replacing them with waypoints toward you, I literally tried everything that was in my power short of taking command of a unit and physically engaging you. They just really REALLY wanted to go north for whatever crazy AI reason.


Not much to say here that wasn't covered in the debrief tbh. Anvil suffered from it's usual lack of situational awareness but this was compounded by me crewing the tank alone for a long time and the radio situation in WW2. This almost blindness was perfectly illustrated on the second line where a kubelwagon drove right up to me while I was facing the other way and charlie team had to deal with it. This also sadly led to me hosing down Charlie team to the cost of 2 T4s. In my defence I had just retreated from the treeline you guys were in after receiving warnings about encroaching tanks, and watched Banshee strafe the area repeatedly. I saw movement and believing all friendlies to have moved south, I fired rather than risk eating a panzerfaust. Plus side, we cleared it up before I fired the HE I was chambering.

Anvil is a great asset but we really REALLY need to get some proper training done in armour support tactics. We can do mech, so we can do armour. Lets see more tanks in missions so we can build on this. The AAC ground units exist so please use them when you see fit. Not just in WW2 but in other operations also.


Despite the small niggles it was great to see us adapt to a scenario we rarely play and still succeed. Yeah the mission felt a little on the easy side but this was in large part due to historical accuracy. The AAC were given free reign to obliterate the vehicle columns and to be frank, the Germans never stood a chance. Those that made it past the wall of Banshee 20mm ran straight into entrenched badass US veterans with tank support. There were meant to be casualties on an epic scale and I think I delivered at least some of that feeling. Von Kluge knew it wouldn't work, Von Schwerin was so convinced of the impending failure that he refused to deploy, and the mission illustrated why these guys were right.

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First off, excellent mission @Jason really enjoyed it...thanks.

The start was full of immersion as we only had a general idea of the direction the enemy would attack....I was running up and down Bravos line like a demented soldier keeping our focus to the front. i promptly got shot as had to run outside the trenches...bad move :(


The next phase of the mission involved us deploying some way away from everyone else to scout for enemy flanking manoeuvres....and we had a Flak cannon(or whatever it was called). Tom and evil did an amazing job of killing...well everything, from fast moving "vw" bastards to tanks...all in a days work..so well done. Maybe, just maybe you can do what is asked of you ?

 @Skeliton you were a legend keeping me up to date with what was going on, admin first aid and lone scouting for us to move the cannon...and keeping a further eye on our new flak team....just in case they started misbehaving. Your patience has been duly noted :)

Bravo were out on a limb big time...we had no back up, not much idea on our position and had to defend(and attack) against tanks and armoured cars that were very fast and very aggressive. It felt like a scene from band of brothers...and i have to say due to our team and  @Jasonmaking a brilliant mission for me at least, it was the most immersive time i have ever had. It felt just like we were in shit up to our eyes but never gave up.....so well done bravo, excellent stuff.

Due to the type of mission, we hardly ever came into contact with alpha or charlie...but when we did, we were glad of it...if not just for a small rest :)


Thanks again guys, excellent stuff.


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