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MAP: Neaville

Mission Date: 14/07/18

OPORD: Falaise Pocket

Terrain: Rural Countryside, Villages, Normandy "Bocage"

Weather: Light cloud

Forecast: Slowly Clearing

Start DTG: 21/08/1944 0900hrs

Starting Location: US Field HQ Le Chateau de Pierre-Juliene





Operations Cobra, Totalize and Tractable have encircled the German 7th Army around the small town of Falaise. A small corridor still sits between the Canadians to the North and the Americans to the South West between the towns of Trun and Chambois. If the allied forces can link up they will completely surround the decimated 7th Army and force it's surrender.

Today we close the Falaise Pocket.



The 3rd Army is pushing hard to link up with the Canadians to our North East. We must push the remaining German defences back and cut the two MSRs running North/South between Trun and Chambois.

If we can cut the MSRs and hold our line, the Germans will have no choice but to surrender.



Exact strength is unknown. Remnants of numerous units are scattered across the countryside in hastily constructed defences. The whole of the 7th Army is stranded North of our AOR and once we cut those MSRs you can expect a stampede as units try to escape.


The 7th Army is strung out all over the place. Force composition is likely to be whatever they can get and throw at us so expect a mish-mash of units and capabilities. The only thing we are sure of is that we shouldn't see many tanks. The counter attack through Mortain cost the Germans a lot of armour which we doubt will have been replaced.

Air Defense:

Most of the heavy AA defences have already been stripped out and pulled across the Seine. Some heavier MG's might still engage low flying aircraft and the Luftwaffe is still trying to help relieve the defenders but they are running out of fighters and pilots.


E company will advance to our North to secure the town of Les Morinieres and cut MSR 1. F company will head South East aiming to cut MSR 1 at La Durandiere and establish a forward HQ. Our G company will advance in the centre aiming for the 7th Army local HQ at Neaville.



A. Objective Overview

Mission Intent:

G company will advance in the centre of our line to attack the 7th Army HQ at Neaville. With the 7th Army HQ neutralised, G company will turn North and assault the 5th Panzer Brigade HQ at Le Vieux Chateau. Finally G company will advance to Hill 91 and cut MSR 2 at Le Carrefour Triste. With all companies in position, we must then hold until the Canadians arrive to seal the gap.

Ground Forces Task:

The ground force mission has 4 objectives:

  • Secure the 7th Army HQ at Neaville
  • Secure the 5th Panzer HQ at Le Vieux Chateau
  • Secure Hill 91 and the town of Le Carrefour Triste
  • Hold the line against the retreating Germans until the Canadians arrive

Air Corps Task:

AAC tasks are fluid and should support the overall battle plan (see notes).

Tasks could include:

  • Medical Support
  • Air Superiority
  • AT Gun Crew
  • Mortars
  • Tank Crew
  • Sniper/Recon
  • Sapper Work

B. Intel Package

AOR Overview:


Note the Bocage terrain. Roads offer clear transit routes but you can bet the Germans are thinking the same thing. Use the bocage to your advantage.

Initial positions and advance:


Our first port of call is Le Chateau de Braye. We should clear it to ensure our supply lines are not threatened as we advance. A garrison here would endanger not only our transports but would also threaten our HQ.



Neaville promises to be a bit of a bastard to be honest. It's only a small town but the presence of the 7th Army HQ element means it'll be defended vigorously. Limited lines of ingress also makes it very dangerous for our tanks to help us out. We should make clearing a tank safe route into town a priority.

Le Vieux Chateau:


5 Panzer have been quite canny about the location of their HQ. The Chateau is very easily defended but the woodland surroundings play into our hands. We should be able to get very close before assaulting.

Hill 91:


Our final stop. We will not have proper defences in place but we need to fortify the location as best we can. Liberated PAK-40s would be a god send along with properly positioned Shermans, mines and booby traps. Le Carrefour Triste offers us a solid flank anchor and controls the MSR so we will want to put some guys in there also.

C. Coordinating Instructions

Radio Frequencies

Long Range Net: 50.1

D. Materiel and Supply

Ground Force:

12x M3A1 Half-Track APC


5x P-61 Black Widow

5x P-38 Lightning

5x P-51 Mustang

8x Sherman Firefly MBT

4x M3A1 Half-Track Ambulance

Mortars available at HQ


SnrAM Jason



  • Grenadiers please remember that you have access to rifle grenades in place of your usual UGL. You need to load each one from the scroll menu. Aiming takes a bit of practice but they are great for area denial once you have the hang of them.
  • As before, Pattons Third Army Cavalrymen are arranged as a regular force. Our AR slots carry the BAR while the MMG slots in Charlie teams carry the M1919. While the BAR is more mobile, the M1919 is way more capable especially when able to properly deploy.
  • While the mission is not time sensitive, there is a lot of ground to cover. We also need to rely on stealing AT guns from the Germans as the US Cavalry don't have their own. To that end there is a stock of Half-Tracks to use. They are optional and there is nothing to say you must use them, but leaving them behind will make the mission take longer and may make the defence of Hill 91 overly difficult.
  • AAC deployment should be based on Actuals battle plan. At least 1 fighter should be deployed to hold off the Luftwaffe but after that the choice depends on how Actual wants to use us. There are possible tasks for:
    • Banshee (Air Superiority) - There will be Luftwaffe fighters and bombers in the area looking to keep the MSRs open
    • Raven (Medical Support via the ambulances) - Obviously medical support will be needed but T-2s are very few and far between making this less desirable
    • Anvil (Tank Support) - Very handy in this setting but is highly vulnerable to German AT defences which will inevitably be present
    • Dragon (Mortar Support) - Decent fire support but does not offer AT capability. Long range accuracy will also suffer without GPS assistance
    • Hunter (Sniper/Recon) - Good for long range recon and precision engagements but not capable of assaulting given the bolt action rifle
    • Sapper (see below) - Brilliant in close combat and carrying AT mines to help cut the MSR. Severely limited range.
  • The UAV trooper slot has been changed to a specialist Sapper role. The Sapper carries mines and the M2 Flamethrower. While suffering from extreme short range, the M2 is brutal in close combat and could be devastating in the fight for Neaville and Le Vieux Chateau. This is entirely optional and is there as a bit of fun to explore the things from the mods that we haven't used yet. The mines however would be indispensable in the defence of the MSR.
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Last Bump.

Please pay attention to the notes, especially leaders. The AAC deployment for tonight is very fluid to allow for different force deployments. There are half tracks and tanks but there is no hard fast rule that says you must use them.

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3 hours ago, Jason said:

There are half tracks and tanks but there is no hard fast rule that says you must use them.

“I know I left a big piece of chicken on the table but that doesn’t mean you have to eat it all.”



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Sorry guys but I'm going to have to bow out of tonight.

I had a bit of a crap day yesterday with my spinal condition and am spaced to hell on meds today. To the admin that ends up running this then, the mission is entirely scripted and should not require any zeus input. That said you will probably want to keep an eye on the convoys after you secure the last crossroads just to make sure they don't do something stupid which is always a possibility.

Apologies but I'd be more of a liability than a help tonight.

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Just steal Des if he comes along :P 

Tom did ok on week 1 as a medic also so if the ground can spare him maybe pinch him if needed

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Great Campaign,

This campaign was a roller coaster of a ride and I loved it thanks @Jason @Luke. Tonight's op was quite different from the rest stepping into the shoes of sapper with @Des and wielding a flamethrower that was devastating. Overall really enjoyed the different ways we had to overcome obstacles in this being an improvised detonation (which didn't work) but using a PAK gun against a fence (which also didn't work) was great. The final of the mission was interesting by finding 3 PAK weapons in an old shack and using them against the enemy!

Great operation and Campaign!

8/10 !

Also some nice photos I took.











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Loved it, good final mission to the campaign!, Managed to get some pictures along the way.

Love this first photo.






It was a long campaign he needed a break :lol:


He didn't like the photo...


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As is usually the case with @Jason, this had a nicely thought out concept, excellent production value and an interesting build. Interesting ground to work with, too.

The only flaw I see is that the reality on the ground did not represent what the OPORD had us expect: There were no paniced Germans rushing south. And when there was, I believe they were Zeused.

Nonetheless, well made!

Also, this was the first WW2 mission I played that had good performance. Definitely worth mentioning.

A decent, surprising conclusion. Well worth the time spent.



Well lead by @R4IDER. Good team play by @Pilgrim's Bravo. Good support from @hoofed's Phantom with very nice flybys. I also liked the idea of the sapper team @Blu. @Des.

1-1 had significant trouble at the beginning. I don't believe we expected contact that early, Germans were just 150m away from spawn. This cost us dearly.

Further fuck ups involved explosives handling. Same thing really, changed procedures create problems. Hate to say...
Personally, I found being the only person in the team with a radio to be a very energy consuming task.

All of this wasn't a big deal though, this was an enjoyable mission because we were all focused and played well. My team was a lot of fun, very easy to work with, everybody with their heads firmly in the game. Sure, we got our arses handed to us on several occasions, but we got up and dusted ourselves off, maintaining focus and performance throughout.

The only thing to really complain about is the number of casualties, many of them avoidable.



The setting isn't something that interests me, mainly because of the gear and the historical context. So far for my personal feelings.

The campaign suffered from a lack of immersion throughout. Some of the mods and gear caused changes that 1-1 was not prepared to deal with for good reason. Even though these issues were pointed out long beforehand, no measures were taken by the editors to avoid them. So, bottom line, I experienced this campaign as very problematic from the perspective of a squad leader.

Another thing that bothered me during 2/3 missions I played was terrible performance.

Finally it must be mentioned though that @Luke and @Jason put a hell of a lot of effort into this campaign. And that shone through all the bullshit at all times. The missions were meticulously edited with great attention to detail. It was all based loosely on real occurances. Much of the situations we were in were very complex, feeling very large-scale.

So A+* for effort gents, I have to give you that. And I believe a great majority of the group welcomed this as a change of pace. So my own impressions aside, you need to be commended on your efforts.


Sadly, because I felt that this campaign threw a massive wrench in the works, I'll have to give this only a

6/10 overall.

Don't take it personally. Thanks for your hard work.

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35 minutes ago, Filth said:

The only flaw I see is that the reality on the ground did not represent what the OPORD had us expect: There were no paniced Germans rushing south. And when there was, I believe they were Zeused.

Not sure what happened here. There were waves of retreating Germans scripted that should have surrendered at around 2 hours 45 minutes of gameplay. Looks like something might have broken sadly.

Nice to see people enjoyed it though. Shame I couldn't be there

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My favourite so far, with the fewest game issues i noticed. Except for the visible armour glitches that gave away the position of armour through objects and scenery.

Felt authentic though. Detailed. Immersive. Lots of eye candy. Loved having a separate sapper team to use ahead of my team.

My team did pretty well. Way too many tier 4’s which has been a feature of the entire campaign, and I suppose that’s something you just have to suck up in this period of warfare.

The amount of talking, equipment stealing and inability to stay in basic formation seems to be an indemic and seemingly untrainable trait with the two lads.

Thank you @unionjak for trying to temper the worst excesses of the distraction. Patience of a saint.

Enjoyed the leadership, with simple orders being given and carried out. Everyone seemed to know what was happening. 

Enjoyed working more closely with Alpha for large periods of time. It’s the only way.


I have to say I wasn’t keen on the idea of ww2. Simply because it’s so far from why I love Arma. Modern warfare.

But I agree totally with @Filth that the dedication and passion shown in the missions and concepts was relentless and unfaulting. 

For some lovely filmic moments, thank you guys.

I cannot wait to get my CTab back ;)

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