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Can you give instruction on how to "join in" on the gol server please...including setting up A3sync for mods, teamspeak (if changed) and anything else.....


If i set up A3sync with only the required mods, how do i get it to go to the correct ip ?


Many thanks 

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@unionjak are you refering to the public server? mods are not restricted. ArmA3Sync is not mandatory. I guess the simple way is, given that you have all the mods from your arma3sync folder installed to your gamefolder, to connect trough the Arma3-Launcher or steam to the server. Just click on the server tab and the button "Add Server," enter the IP Adress: and the port 2302. The rest will be done automatically. The game launcher will only load the essential mods, which are CBA_A3 and Task Force Radio. If you don't have them installed, because your arma3sync is different from the gamefolder, steam might load them beforehand. It is really easy, because we basically use no mods except task force radio.

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