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Good Afternoon,

As some of you may or may not be aware I recently requested a mod be added to the clan modset called "Indicam" which I'm happy to say got approved for testing recently and the cert added to the server so .

What is Indicam?

Indicam is a client side autonomous camera script that essentially cycles through preset camera scenes (different angles, focuses, zooms etc) while following a set player, which can be changed on the fly at the push of a button.vlcsnap-2018-09-23-15h06m20s495.png

Whats the catch?

The catch is you need a 2nd copy of ARMA and obviously a 2nd computer capable of running ARMA if want to play still.vlcsnap-2018-09-23-15h06m58s944.png

Why are you using Indicam?

I wanted to try this out as I think it'll bring something new (Mixing first person footage with indicam footage across multiple players), potentially exciting footage to our clan videos and hopefully help draw some attention to the clan. vlcsnap-2018-09-23-15h08m38s966.png

How did you get on?

So initial tests on Thursday training night went well. I was essentially just working out how to use indicam and to iron out any issues with my hardware set up. On Thursday I was playing on my normal PC and recording and running indicam from my laptop over wifi (no other choice at the time but sorted a cable connection now). Things went well but frames on Thursday were low affecting the quality of the recording and also we had some glitchy uniforms which showed up in footage rendering it useless, however it proved the theory.vlcsnap-2018-09-23-15h10m31s697.png

Last night I was working unfortunately but managed to set my PC at home up ready and connect via my laptop to start indicam and the recording. Initially it looked as if things had gone well, but after checking the footage today it appears there was some sort of rendering issue, I'm putting this down to the software I was using to remote in screwing the recording due to it having to re-scale to fit on my laptop screen. I can't think of any other reason as everything else was running locally on my main which is more than capable.vlcsnap-2018-09-23-15h15m15s003.png

I was hoping to showcase some footage for you today to show off Indicams potential but instead all I can provide is screenshots of some of the angles we could potentially get, some of which are pretty cool in my opinion.

Next steps?

I want to carry out further tests when i'm able from home to prove the issue experienced was a remote access problem rather than the set up. I will also be trying to figure out how to adjust the camera scenes (definately possible - some of which are a bit odd atm) to suit our gameplay. If you would like to help please get in touch.




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So my 3rd attempt on Thursday training op was fruitful but still not ideal.

The lag issue previously experienced appears to have either been my Wi-fi connection (now cabled) or the bitrate I was recording at (now reduced).

I've spent a bit of time looking through the code and now have a better understanding of how it's working and how to adjust the angles but there's a fair bit to test out so this may take some time. What I can say is the scene selection is based on an action system which has 4 levels, I believe the action is based on fire rate and health but I'm still trying to figure this out as well as which scenes are good for us and which aren't.

Issues I'm experiencing are as follows;

  • When an actor dies while on indiCam the auto change will flip back to spawn (where the indiCam operator is) and just sit there, forcing me to re-initiate the cam rather than it moving onto another active player. Any suggestions?
  • Some of the random angles point near the actor but the actor may be out of shot, i will work on this.
  • Some of the FOV are blurry (for effect i imagine), i will work on this.
  • Jittery cameras, camera collision with terrain/objects in certain places (only a small percentage).
  • Balance of host GFX vs Game video vs OBS needs to be tweaked for best res footage.
  • Operating detracts for a small amount of time from concentration while playing.

I've uploaded the training op and overlaid the indiCam footage so its in sync, this is the full version I've only edited out the indiCam footage where it was sitting at spawn or got itself into a tangle with collisions. This will give you an example of the scenes, the set up and what i'm trying to get to..

Hope you enjoy


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