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What is GOLSYNC?

GOLSYNC is a program that offers basically the same functionality as Arma 3 Sync with the difference that it has been created for the requirements of GOL and its members. The way in which mods are distributed via GOLSYNC is different to that of Arma 3 Sync and where with Arma 3 Sync there is just a single server for you to download files from, GOLSYNC offers eight locations which can be changed based on your location in the world meaning that you will always get the best download speeds available.

What is wrong with Arma 3 Sync?

There aren't any major flaws with Arma 3 Sync and this will continue to be maintained as an available option however the bad things about Arma 3 Sync are as follows.

  • Java requirement (Doesn't work with the most recent version of Java)
  • Only HTTP/FTP is supported
  • Single server for repository distribution (Paris) resulting in slower download speeds
  • Doesn't clean up well after itself if mods are removed

For most Arma 3 Sync as been a suitable option and works flawlessly however some people have experienced many problems with it so GOLSYNC serves as an alternative.

GOLSYNC Overview


Starting at the top right and working down I will give a bullet point list of what each of the options do.

  • 'Check Available Updates' = This will simply compare your mods with the mods on the server and if any updates are available they will be listed within the large grey box, nothing will actually be downloaded at this stage.
  • 'Download Available Updates' - This is basically the same as the above with the only difference that any available updates will be downloaded to your computer.
  • 'Find Best Server' - This option will run a test which will check your connectivity to each of the servers, the one with the best connectivity will be automatically set for you to use.
  • 'Save Settings' - This will save any setting changes you make so the next time you option GOLSYNC the settings will be the same.
  • 'Game Path' - This is the location that you have installed your game, This one of the only two settings which you're required to manually enter so navigate to the location that your game is installed to and copy the folder path - It is usually something such as "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\"
  • 'Mod Path' - This is the second and final option which you're required to manually configure. This usually would be the same as the game path but you have the option of choosing another location if you have the mods downloaded to another location.
  • 'Persistent Share' - By default this is set to no, if you change this to yes then the difference will be that you will be able to browse the remote mod directory from your computer and any future checks for updates will be slightly faster.
  • 'Content Server' - This will give you a list of the available content servers for mod downloads, the best one will be set after clicking 'Find Best Server'.
  • 'Preset' - This allows you to select mod presets, by default there will be three options - All, Minimum and Custom. Selecting All will load up all of the available mods when Launching ARMA 3. Selecting Minimum will load up the essentials only and any cosmetic mods such as BloodLust won't be included. Finally Custom will allow you to choose which mods you would like to run the game with.
  • 'Letter' - When checking or downloading mods a new drive will be mapped to your computer the letter selected here will be the letter assigned to the mapped drive on your computer.
  • 'Game Settings' - Default settings for loading up Arma 3 have been set so not much tweaking should be required here but you have the option to do so if wanted.
  • 'Launch ARMA 3' - Does what it says on the tin and loads ARMA 3 will the selected settings and mods.

For Mission Creators

As a mission maker you have the option of defining Mod Presets. Mod Preset can be created here -> Once a preset has been created then your name will appear within the Preset drop down list meaning that players have the option of selecting this and only loading the mods required for your mission. The reason this option is available is because it will offer reduced loading times and better performance. It is only possible to have one mod preset per person active at any one time, if you wish to create another mod preset then you will need to delete the current mod preset.

Download GOLSYNC

GOLSYNC Can be downloaded here, no installation is required and you will be notified of any new versions from within the program.

Questions, Problems or Feedback

If you have any questions, problems or feedback then please post them below.

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Update 0.5

  • Fixed an issue preventing old mod directories from being deleted.

Latest version can be downloaded by clicking the GOLSYNC Update Available button within the program or you can download it from here ->


Identified Issues

  • Currently the mod manager isn't adding user created presets correctly, presets do get created they just don't appear - this is an issue with the website
  • Currently there is no feedback other than a progress bar when checking / downloading mods
  • When opening GOLSYNC for the first time you will see the GOLSYNC Update Available button even if you're running the latest version, this correctly goes away when re-opening and its caused by how version is determined by the ini file on the users computer

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It would be really nice if you could give the Mods a bit more screen room instead of a scrolling list and allowing mod groups to be created.

Thanks though this is uber cool

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