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Here are the information for the replacement server which we could use if necessary (e.g if our server has any issues).

- IP Adresse:
- Port: 2302
 - Password: god

Admin password is the same as on the gol server.

Anybody who needs to be able to restart the server should register on http://www.nitrado.net

How to start the server:

1.) Login to Nitrado and select the Webinterface


2.) Stop my 7days to die Server :-( This may take 1-2min. You must wait until it says "server stopped" (important!)


3.) Select Switch-Game on the bottom of the menu


4.) Find the Arma3 Server in the Menu and Select "Change". This may also take 1-3min. If finished the server should start automatically with everything set ready


Remember: Starting the server may take 5min. If we know, that we may have technical difficulties with our server, i suggest to start it up as a backup plan beforehand. Our server is trough the usage of headless clients indeed better optimized then this one, therefore it is (which its momentary configuration without headless clients), just an emergency solution.

Trough the webpanel you can start the arma3 server, as shown above, if it is needed. otherwise on my server is 7days to die running. (btw. feel free to join there aswell ;-) for those who need it, i will show you how to access the ftp server and everything. just contact me. i would just kindly ask, if you need the arma3 server and the op is done, please switch it back to 7days to die :-)

If you want to add the replacement server to your arma3sync, you will find a short guide how to do so within a few easy steps. You don't need to add it to arma3sync as you still can join trough the friends tab in the server browser.

Optional Guide:

1.) Open the ArmaA3Sync and click on the Tab "Online".

2.) Click on the Blue + and

3.) Modify each column of the "New Server" as shown in the picture:

- Description: GOL ARMA 2 Replacement (or whatever you like)
- IP Adresse:
- Port: 2302
 - Password: god
- Join with modset: ARMA 3 GOL Mod Pack



If everything worked you should now be able to switch between the servers if necessary in the bottom of arma3sync



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