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I feel as though I should explain my absences recently, so here goes...

I have been inexplicably MIA in the past two weeks, leaving half way through a mission and not showing up at all for both training and the Saturday missions, and for this I feel as though I owe the mission creators and the mission leaders (as well as all the other people who HAVE been showing up) an apology. It seems almost disrespectful in my eyes that I haven't shown up, and I don't like the fact that I'm missing out on a lot of missions because it is a major part of my week that is no longer there. Recently I've been suffering with a dramatic depressive episode which I'm getting to terms with and overcoming thanks to a handful of wonderful people that I know in person, but because of this my motivation has been in the dumps recently and therefore it's been difficult for me to make it to the missions and for me to stay. Even typing this out I feel a bit self-conscious because I know that some of you guys are going through much tougher situations and are still making it, but I felt that I would rather explain my reasoning here than put someone on the spot and drop it all on them.

TL;DR: I'm sorry for not showing up, and I'm definitely planning on making a much greater effort in the future.


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Take the time you need. Doesn’t matter what others go through doesn’t matter if you have a twisted sock. Your mental health is more important we are a community and this is a game. Your spot is always here get yourself sorted and on the road to recovery and if you ever need to chat or blow of steam hit me up. 

It’s good of you to explain and shows good character. But don’t worry buddy and never apologise you are ok we understand 

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Well said @Des

Get all the help you need and get well youngun. We get it. 

You put in as much or as little as you want/can. 

E pluribus unum lil' brother.

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