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Recruit Training - 23/03/2018 - 8pm (GMT)

Good evening gentleman

So i thought i’d make an official post about this as we have a fair few recruits at present and I thought it’d be a good time to offer some assistance and hopefully help a few of you have a smoother introduction to the clan as well as get to know you all.

Not mandatory or anything and I can’t promise to be able to answer everything (I’m not that experienced myself) but if you have questions or just feel like attending then come along, suggested subjects include;

Squad structure

Fireteams/Buddy teams


Key Bindings

GOL specific functions

Radio set up


Medical procedures






If you have any questions that you want answered but can’t make it then post them here and the let hive mind of the clan answer it for you! :)


CPL Parker




The following promotions have been issued:

@Pirate has been promoted to the rank of Corporal.

Pirate has shown a great interest in team leading and over the last few weeks / months has proven that he has what it takes to step up into a leadership position.

@Luke has been promoted to the rank of Private First Class.

Luke has shown great commitment since joining GOL and his contributions with missions are very appreciated. 

@SoKkada has been promoted to the rank of Private First Class.

SoKkada has proven that he is a capable team leading and even though Pirate has been successful in being promoted to Corporal we wanted to acknowledge the contributions made by SoKkada.

@Blu. has been promoted to the rank of Private.

Blu. has successfully taken part in two major options and there for has completed his recruitment process.

Congratulations to all.


GOL 2017

I would like to start this post by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

2017 has been an interesting & challenging year for GOL. We have seen the departure of veteran members but at the same time we have seen the return of older members and a fresh set of new members. 

One year ago I would say GOL was heading into its darkest period with attendance on a regular basis not even exceeding five people.

I even took a step back for a while due to personal reasons. But when faced with the prospect of GOL coming to an end it was not something I could accept so I decided to return and do everything I could to #MakeGOLGreatAgain and now


I would like to thank all of you for sticking with GOL and especially those who contribute to the running of the group whether that be the running and organising of training sessions, advertising and recruitment, document writing or content creation.

There is no denying that the future of GOL isn't going to be without its challenges and there is lots of work still to be done and I'm looking forward to working through those challenges in 2018 with all of you.


GOL Goals - Moving Forward

What I would like to do is set out some goals for GOL to try and accomplish over the next few weeks / months.

  • To begin playing campaigns again starting with the four week campaign made by four different mission makers ideally I would like to introduce at least two new mission makers here rather than the missions being made by the usual suspects.
  • Introduce the advanced medical system / limited respawn into every main mission.
  • Increase the number of contributors to the mission making rota both on Tuesday and Saturday.
  • To increase the number of pilots - if you're interesting in joining AAC let me, Jason or Raptor know.
  •  increase the number of people who are able to carry out leadership duties. Right now we have fill in team leaders but I am looking to make this a fixed position - @Juan Sanchez @personalvoid @MACKAULE

These are the goals that I have set out for the group if there are any that you think should be added then post below but I think we all need to know what we are aiming to do and work together to achieve them.

Out of interest I decided to take a look at the number of missions that we have created. The numbers here are based on forum topics that have been created for missions and I know that there are lots of times when missions don't get their own topics so its not a completely accurate figure but it gives you an idea of what the numbers look like. Ideally I would like to start adding some more names to this list.

 Name           Missions 

 Oksman              112 
 GuzzenVonLidl        69
 R4IDER               60 
 Jason                45 
 Baron                43 
 Lt.Chris             35 
 Filth                27 
 Goralight            22 
 Chipmonk             18 
 Pirate               17 
 Beny                 16 
 Moogle               15 
 PARKER               13 
 Arron                 8 
 Bakakun               6 
 hoofed                3 
 joona                 2 
 NeKoArroW             2 
 Tazoo                 2 
 Akena                 1 
 Luke                  1 
 McDeuce               1 
 SoKkada               1 
 Juan Sanchez          1 
 irishguard            1 
 Chippy                1 
 DevilGhost            1


Red Storm: Epilogue

Red Storm: Epilogue

The scientists we’ve captured confirmed our worst fears. The Russians have developed a weapon based off alien technology that they scavenged through the “portal” at Object A1. They have already run successful tests and the weapon is ready for combat use.

The Czech forces lunched a valiant assault on Object A2, but failed, when the enemy used the weapon to turn the Czech soldiers against each other. Seeing no other option, the NATO forces lunched a tactical nuclear strike on Object A2 to prevent the enemy from transferring the weapon to the mainland.

It was not long before the Russians retaliated with their own nukes…



This concludes the Red Storm campaign. All who attended at least two of the three missions will be awarded this ribbon: QiQRij9.png

You can look forward to Jason’s campaign, which should be starting next week (1. 4.).