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The East Wind Week-1

The East Wind Week-1



Tensions rise as NATO peacekeeping forces begin to leave The Republic of Altis: a strategic fault-line between crumbling European influence and a powerful, resurgent East. 

With their five-year long deployment coming to an end, the U.S.-led peacekeepers of Task Force Aegis prepare to pack up and leave the Republic of Altis and Stratis. The majority of the task force's combat forces have already left the island weeks earlier, while barely more than a hundred engineers and support personnel remain behind to decommission the remainder of NATO facilities on the island of Stratis.


High command have given the go ahead of the EastWind protocol. At precisely 06:00 Hours all AAF forces have been given orders to attack their respective NATO encampments. Utilising the element of surprise and the excuse of having our forces spread throughout the valleys as roadblocks and an embargo on NATO vehicle traffic gives us the perfect opportunity for a massive ALPHA strike thus eliminating their biggest assets before anyone knows whats happened.

NATO still occupy s the Island however their numbers are greatly reduced and mostly only helicopters are being used to ferry equipment offshore. As we are currently in good terms with NATO we have access to all their positions.



Starting from Stratis Air Base that we currently share with NATO, 1-1 will make their way in a motorised convoy to roadblock 4 (RB 4), Just West of camp Rogain.

We will have 15 minutes to move there and assume our positions on the roadblock until 06:00.

1-2 will be stationed at RB 3, 2-1 at RB 2 & 2-2 at RB 1.

From here timing is crucial, AAC will hit AAA at Point X-ray at precisely 06:00 and will most likely kick everything off. Both AAA points at X-ray and Zulu are HVTs and need eliminating ASAP. X-ray however is our largest threat as it will have a good over watch of Rogain and squads 1-1 & 1-2.

Whilst this is happening infantry will coordinate their attacks. 1St Platoon will initiate a pincer attack on Camp Rogain whilst 2nd Platoon mops up from the AAC Alpha strike.


We also have infantry sections in the air base and at the firing range that will be fighting for control of the strategic locations.

From then on the enemy will most likely be panicked. 1-1 will move to point X-ray to assist 2-1 in cleaning up any remaining forces and use the position to scout the final objective at Kamino Firing Range where they will move East through the woods and likely encounter broken groups of enemy contacts. Upon reaching the firing range they will then assist in its capture as it is still one of the most heavily occupied NATO encampments.


          Infantry 1-1 -

  • Move to RB-4
  • At precisely 06:00 initiate attack on Camp Rogain
  • Move SE to Point X-ray and clean up remaining contact
  • Move E through woods to Kamino Firing Range and capture 


  • Obtain as much information on air contacts in the 15 minutes leading up to initial strike
  • PRIORITY- Destroy AAA at point X-ray at precisely 06:00
  • Take out all hostile air contacts (friendly infantry transports will be active)
  • Provide CAS for 1-1
  • Provide reinforcements/resupply for 1-1
  • Enemy reinforcements will almost certainly move to counterattack from the southern point of the island.




  • Fennek (MHQ)
  • Fennek (unarmed) x2
  • KamAZ Transport
  • L-159 ALCA x4
  • Ka-60 (rockets)
  • AW101 Merlin
  • AW159 Wildcat x2



Operation Rogue Trident

MAP: Tanoa

Mission Date: 08/09/18

OPORD: Rogue Trident

Terrain: Rural Jungle with small villages and purpose built installations. Ship Interior

Weather: Clear

Forecast: No Change

Start DTG: 08/09/2036 0300hrs

Starting Location: Tanoan Airforce HQ, Tanoa International Airport



Welcome to the pacific Tanith Team.

The successful conclusion of Operation East Wind on Altis has exposed the CSAT expansionist agenda to the world. The UN and NATO have levied massive restrictions to CSAT nation trade and manufacturing in an effort to scale back the military tension across the globe. CSAT however are not taking this lying down and have begun expansion through the pacific islands. Those islands that do not agree to join the CSAT regime are bullied with trade embargoes and maritime blockades.

5 days ago CSAT naval vessels appeared in Tanoan waters and began targeting fishing and trade vessels. Those vessels that did not return to port immediately have been fired upon to force them to turn back. 2 days ago the CSAT destroyer CSS Valor opened fire on, and sunk, the Tanoan deep sea trawler Phantine. All hands were lost as the trawler capsized.

NATO will not let this continue and are now petitioning for a UN resolution to begin legitimate military operations in the region to remove the CSAT fleet. While that happens however, we need to send a definitive message to CSAT that they cannot continue to bully smaller nations without consequence.

Tanith Team will covertly assault the CSS Valor as a reprisal attack and will use any intel gathered to locate and destroy the rest of the CSAT blockading flotilla at anchor.



Tanith team must board the CSS Valor, eliminate her crew and weapon systems and gather intel on the CSAT anchorage. Once located, Tanith team will destroy the ships and equipment at the anchorage, eliminating the blockading flotilla.



Exact strength is unknown. We do know that there is the destroyer Valor and a smaller corvette both with full capabilities. There have also been sightings of multiple small patrol boats. A force this size will likely have a company sized support facility with attendant guards and defences.


The CSAT force is almost completely maritime meaning the composition will mostly be boat crews and marines. The fast patrol boats carry platoon level heavy weapons while the bigger ships carry 120mm and 127mm main guns with multiple shorter ranged systems including HMGs and turreted weaponry.

Air Defense:

The biggest AA threats are the two big ships. The smaller corvette is based on the Australian ANZAC class and carries a CIWS Phalanx SHORAD gun system along with a battery of RIM-7 Sea Sparrow SAMs. The CSS Valor is a massive threat seeing as destroyers are designed to kill aircraft. She carries 2 Praetorian CIWS SHORAD gun systems and a battery of Centurion SAMs. Given the vulnerability of the anchorage, you can also expect some form of IADS to be present to protect it from long range NATO bombers.


Not applicable. The Tanoan defence force is small, ill equipped and not suited to the task. The Tanoan airforce had 4 A-164 Wipeouts but they were shot down on day 1 of the blockade. You're on your own on this one, as normal.



A. Objective Overview

The mission has 2 distinct phases:

Phase 1:

Tanith must board the CSS Valor, locate and capture the Bridge, gather intel pertaining to the anchorage location and finally disable the ships weaponry. We do not have the green light to sink the Valor, she will be left as a message to CSAT.

Getting close to the Valor is going to be difficult. To that end, specialist scouts from the Hunter Cadre will deploy ahead of the assault to knock out the rear deck Praetorian and Centurion systems. This will allow aircraft to approach the REAR of the Valor. Deployment of Tanith assaulting elements can then be done in one of three ways:

  • HALO insertion. Operatives must skydive onto the flight deck of the Valor. If you miss the deck, you can swim to either the port or starboard side sea rescue ladders.
  • SDV Para-Insertion. Operatives will deploy by para-dropped SDV to close on the Valor then board via the sea rescue ladders.
  • Air Assault. Operatives will be landed straight onto the flight deck by Raven Littlebirds.

HALO is the best option as it will offer the most protection and speed to the majority of assets but will require the most individual skill. The SDVs offer an easier approach but limitations in comms and individual weapons will make the assault more difficult. Finally the Littlebirds offer the safest means of getting onto the flight deck but they will be vulnerable to enemy fire and space is limited meaning multiple landings will be required making this the slowest option.

Once aboard, Tanith will clear the vessel of guards and personnel while making their way to the Bridge and Forecastle. We suspect the Bridge will hold the intel we require while the Forecastle holds the main gun and missile battery which we must destroy with explosives. Extraction will be via Raven or Giant from the flight deck.

Phase 2:

Once we know the location of the anchorage we will re-deploy as needed to make the assault. The first step in securing the anchorage will be to eliminate the IADS network to allow the 160th to provide air support. While their Wasps and Growlers can deal with radar threats, ground operatives must take out SHORAD AAA positions and SAM launch platforms which can still operate without the radar network. Once the area is breached, ground operatives must infiltrate the anchorage and use any means to destroy the small patrol boats at their berths. The corvette will be targeted by strike craft as she will probably be anchored off shore. Collateral damage should be kept to a minimum since this is a black op and to that end CBUs, rockets and gun runs are not permitted. USE PGM STRIKES ONLY!

Final extraction will be by 160th airlift from an HLS to be determined at the time.

B. Intel Package

CSS Valor Blueprint:





Initial AO:


C. Coordinating Instructions

Radio Frequencies:

  • Platoon Net: 50.1
  • Air Net: 50.2
  • AAC UHF: 50.3
  • Diver/SDV Net: TBC if required

D. Materiel and Supply

Ground Force:

  • 4x Air Assault SDV (16 man total diver capacity)


  • 2x EA-18G Growler (dedicated SEAD platform with severely limited CAS capability)
  • 6x F/A-181 Black Wasp (primary strike platform)
  • 2x UH-80 Ghosthawk
  • 2x CH-471 Huron
  • 4x MH-6M Littlebird
  • 1x V-44 Blackfish (Infantry configuration for HALO Deployment and possible extraction)
  • 4x V-44 Blackfish (Vehicle Configuration for SDV Deployment)


SnrAM Jason



Obviously this is quite a technical mission so please read the OPORD carefully. The mission is the destruction of the ships/boats, EVERYTHING ELSE IS SECONDARY. If time requires you can skip clearing the whole anchorage and focus on the boats.

The AAC offer the best way to deal with a lot of threats but are severely hampered by air defences. Working together to clear the skies will make life easier for everyone.

Hunter is positioned to take out turrets that threaten the approach to the Valor AND eliminate flight deck sentries. Use them or risk the entire approach.

ARMs kill radars, not launchers. While SAMs with no radars are less capable, they can still fire. AAA needs no radar and does not emit any signals making it difficult to locate from the air.


Operation Exchange Yard

Operation Exchange Yard

Original idea: Operation Royal Incursion by @Oksman Nov. 2014


After the assassination of the former autocrat of Altis, the state failed. It became a lawless zone governed by criminal private armies. Roughly one year ago, the AAF invaded the main island and began taking control of it. CSAT condemned the invasion, and after AAF successes, staged a coup and established a puppet government that they began to support openly. Later, CSAT forces deployed and pushed the AAF back to the eastern third of the island. In doing so, CSAT have stretched their forces too thinly and are now succeptible for counter attack.

Enemy Forces

CSAT have landed significant forces on Altis. Their infantry and anti-air capabilities are maintained at high technological standard. CSAT armoured forces are outdated but numerous.

The enemy is currently shifting forces towards the East to continue their advance. However they are not ready to commit to further offensives. Their southern flank is lightly defended. Sizeable quick reaction forces are in place.


1st Platoon AAF Mechanised Guards will advance on the far left flank.

We will accomplish surprise and violence of action by paradropping behind enemy lines. The infantry will seize and defend Point Eindhoven until reinforced by mechanised forces punching through the enemy defences.

Once 1st Plt is regrouped, we will push on through Pt. Nijmegen to Pt. Arnhem - the latter must be held until enemy counter attack has exhausted itself.

Since this is an extremely bold manoeuver, the success of this mission will be measured mainly by keeping our losses to a minimum.




Phase 1


-Insert to DZ Monty

-Clear both sides of the bridges at Pt. Eindhoven

-Defend the bridges until reinforced


-Rush to designated route

-Punch through CSAT frontline at designated route

-Regroup with 1-1


-Provide insert to DZ Monty (Giant)

-Provide escort, ISTARS and light CAS while 1-1 defend (Angel)

-Search and destroy enemy air defences once 1-1 have been deployed

-Optional: Provide Anvil for mechanised advance if attendance permits


Phase 2


-Assault through Nijmegen

-Optional: Take prisoners


-Continue S&D enemy air defences

-Provide support and logistics for ground forces


Phase 3


-Assault Pt. Arnhem

-Defend Pt. Arnhem until enemy have exhausted themselves


-Continue S&D enemy air defences

-Provide support and logistics for ground forces




- 3x Pandur II IFV

- 1x T-72

Air (Rotary)

- 2x AW101 Merlin Transport

- 2x AW159 Wildcat

- 2x KA-60 Kasatka (M32 Rocket Pods)

- 2x MI-24 MkIV Superhind

Air (Fixed)

- 2x L159 ALCA

- 2x AV-8J Harrier II

- 2x Gripen

- 2x Su-34J


Combat Patrol 1



Altean Artisan

MAP: Altis

Mission Date: 11/08/18

OPORD: Altean Artisan

Terrain: Rural Countryside featuring hills and woodland areas, Small Towns

Weather: Overcast

Forecast: Slowly Deteriorating

Start DTG: 11/08/2026 0700hrs

Starting Location: AAF FOB Air Strip North of Abdera



The Republic of Altis and Stratis is born!

Our recently declared independence from the completely incompetent cesspool that is the Greek Government has freed us to open our own trade negotiations with the newly formed "CSAT" administration of the East. A bright future awaits.

Not everyone is happy about this situation however. A rebel faction calling themselves "FIA" are gathering strength in the North East of Altis. They claim to be loyalist Greek citizens that are fighting against the "military coup" that has given birth to our new Republic. Obviously they are deluded but they are also becoming increasingly violent toward our legitimate patrols and bases.

Two new FOBs have been constructed. One in the old castle overlooking Oreocastro, and the second in the small town of Syrta. These FOBs will provide static locations from which we can launch COIN operations into the mountainous North East region to flush these FIA idiots out. We can't have FOBs without supply lines however, and that is where we come in......



We are to clear 3 MSRs in the area while simultaneously delivering the first supplies to the new FOBs. To that end then we will deploy a Combat Logistics Patrol from HQ Abdera. The patrol will move along each MSR, securing the area as they travel, delivering supplies at each FOB as they pass by.



Exact strength is unknown. We do know that there are numerous cells that are being gathered together into a sort of freedom fighter militia. The movement is gathering a lot of support from the farmers and disillusioned workers in the less developed North of the island so we could be looking at maybe company levels of manpower.


FIA are fighting with whatever they can get their hands on. Any vehicles encountered are likely to be "technical" style custom pick up trucks with HMGs fitted. The vast majority of the force however are light infantry with a penchant for ambushes.

Air Defense:

We doubt there will be much in the way of air defences. Heavier machine guns are likely to engage low flying helicopters and they may have got their hands on some old Russian MANPADS. Other than that, the airspace should be clear.


Advance patrols from the new FOBS have begun patrols and house searches in Oreocastro and Syrta. The towns are considered to be in friendly hands, but the areas could be busy and possibly hot.



A. Objective Overview

Mission Intent:

We will deploy from the HQ FOB at the airstrip North of Abdera and patrol the MSRs to clear the routes for future supply convoys.

Ground Forces Task:

The ground force mission has 4 objectives:

  • Clear MSR X-Ray between FOB Abdera and FOB Castro
  • Clear MSR Yankee between FOB Castro and FOB Syrta
  • Clear MSR Zulu between FOB Syrta and FOB Abdera
  • Deliver supplies to both FOB Castro and FOB Syrta

Air Corps Task:

The AAC have the following ongoing tasks:

  • Convoy Logistics Support
  • Medical Support
  • Recon
  • Fire Support

B. Intel Package

AOR Overview:


We have a lot of ground to cover with plenty of places for FIA to ambush us from. Keep your eyes open

MSR X-Ray:



X-Ray is pretty mountainous so going here will be slower than on other MSRs. Take this into consideration when planning your route.

MSR Yankee:



Yankee is the longest of the three MSRs. The distance is mitigated by the fact that it is all paved roads making transit faster. Faster is not always safer however so be sure to balance speed with situational awareness

MSR Zulu:


Zulu is the shortest of the three MSRs and in theory it is the least likely to be compromised. It still has plenty of potential ambush sites however so don't drop your guard.

C. Coordinating Instructions

Radio Frequencies:

  • Platoon Net: 50.1
  • Air Net: 50.2
  • AAC UHF: 50.3
  • Convoy Net: TBC by 1-A prior to departure

D. Materiel and Supply

Ground Force:

  • 9x Pandur II APC
  • 5x AWC 301
  • 6x AWC 303
  • 5x AWC 304
  • 4x KamAZ Transport Trucks


  • 4x Nemmera CRV
  • 4x Demining Drone
  • 4x AW159 Wildcat
  • 3x AW101 Merlin
  • 1x AV-44X Blackfish Gunship


SnrAM Jason



There is a LOT of ground to cover in this mission. The journey is roughly 15km and can be completed by the slower Nemmera in around 40 minutes without any stopping. Obviously there will be delays along the way. You can reduce the impact of ambushes and problems by using Raven to scout ahead and flush out the ambushes before the convoy hits them. Speed, aggression, correct asset management and using your technological superiority are key to managing the time constraint.

Vehicle use is optional. The Pandurs can carry a whole fire team but once lost they cannot be easily replaced. The Nyx vehicles can be rapidly replaced by sling loading but can only sit 2 people. To mitigate this ehe AAC will deploy the Nemmera as a Bluebell asset. They can repair damaged vehicles and rearm/refuel those that need it. They can also clear minefields much faster than a normal clearing op. Use them wisely since the Nemmera cannot be sling loaded so replacements will take time to catch up.

If all else fails, deploy the Blackfish/Raven to blast apart FIA positions so that the convoy can completely bypass them to make up time.

There are 3 MSRs and each one is it's own objective. The order in which you complete them is entirely optional.

The supply drops are a secondary consideration to clearing the MSRs. They can be transported by loading them aboard the transport trucks, or by sling loading them via Raven/Giant. Asset management is the key here again. If the aircrews are busy dropping supplies, they won't be providing recon which will slow down the convoy. Conversely, if the supplies are shipped with the convoy, they will be in danger and could be lost. There are limited replacements available but once they're all gone, the objective will fail.


This is of £270 over 3 months
This Window ends: 1st Nov 2018
  • Filth - £10
  • GuzzenVonLidl - £100
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