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MAP: Tanoa

Mission Date: 16/12/17


Terrain: Jungle, Small Villages, Medium Towns, Ocean

Weather: Heavy Cloud with downpours and possible storms

Forecast: No change

Start DTG: 07/08/35 1000hrs

Starting Location: Unknown



We're up to our eyes in it here and no mistake. We were on route to the USS Wasp currently off the east coast of Tanoa when our transports were hit by AA fire. The pilots have managed to get us down safely but have died in the crash. We need to get the hell out of here and reach the Wasp before CSAT can capture or kill us.



CSAT have occupied the island for best part of a year and are firmly entrenched. We have no intel on the CSAT presence apart from the apparent increase in numbers after the events on Altis in the med.


Expect to come across every possible CSAT force you can think of from front line infantry to 2nd echelon support forces and occupation security teams.

Air Defense:

Brigade level Air Defense Assets are confirmed in theatre, hell that's what brought us down. The Wasp cannot risk its helicopters so we cannot expect any form of support.



A. Objective Overview

We have one simple objective. Escape to the East and find a way to reach the Wasp and safety.

B. Intel Package


Our crash area is somewhere inside the marked circle with the exclamation mark. There are two separate crash sites, one for each bird that was in our flight. We do not know our exact positions.

Likely places to steal boats have been marked by question marks. There may or may not be transport available at these locations.

The Wasp is offshore in the direction of the arrow.


C. Coordinating Instructions

Radio Frequencies

Not Applicable. Radios to be arranged by CoC on deck if we manage to find any.

D. Materiel and Supply

Not Applicable. We have whatever we came down in. Anything else we need we will have to scavenge.


SnrAM Jason



We are outnumbered by a vastly superior force. A stand up fight is not going to be to our benefit. Best course of action is to employ ambush tactics utilising all available tools at your disposal. Wherever possible fighting should be avoided unless it is on our terms.

We have no supplies. A small arms pile is scattered around each crash site to begin with so we must tool up as best we can. After that we need to steal/scavenge anything that we run out of.

There are intentionally no aircraft available. Respawn points will be unlocked as we pass certain points or clear towns. You can then select the closest respawn point when you respawn. AAC are on the ground with the infantry. If we find relevant equipment they can fall into Anvil, Hunter or Dragon roles to support the escape effort.


The enemy know where we crashed and are probably on their way to investigate. First priority should be to arm ourselves, bug out and link up since we will be divided randomly between the 2 crash sites.


OPORD: Road Block

MAP: Altis

Mission Date: 09/12/17

OPORD: Road Block

Terrain: Urban, City Outskirts

Weather: Overcast with slight fog

Forecast: Clearing slowly

Start DTG: 07/07/35 0500hrs

Starting Location: Altis International Airport, TF Eagle Camp



CSAT forces have landed on the north side of Altis claiming territorial ownership of the republic. Eastern Bloc countries of the old Warsaw Pact have all gone on record to state they recognise the CSAT claim to the island and no longer recognise Altis as an independent state.

NATO MEDFOR is still some hours away from a concentrated response. The US 506th Parachute Infantry, 101st Airborne are on Altis and must evacuate or risk imprisonment or obliteration. The main body of the Battalion will evacuate to Cyprus to regroup with MEDFOR. Easy Company with the assistance of VFA-27 Carrier Air Group will launch delaying actions on enemy columns across the AOR to break the cohesion of the enemy advance in preparation for the MEDFOR counter attack.

GOL Platoon will be responsible for delaying the enemy column currently closing on Kavala.



Brigade strength at least, spread over the island. We expect GOL Platoon to face at least a company, assisted by brigade level assets.


This is a concerted effort by CSAT to annex Altis, therefore enemy forces are regular army. We have sightings of air cover, armour, mechanised formations and foot mobiles.

Air Defense:

Battalion level Air Defense Assets are confirmed in theatre. Expect MANPADS, static AAA emplacements and mobile armoured AAA.



A. Objective Overview

Mission Intent:

The Platoon is to be paradropped by the last V-44 as it exits the island. The Platoon will run a fighting withdrawl in front of the enemy column, slowing it down and destroying as many elements as possible.

The Platoon must hold out for 2 hours at least until NATO reinforcements can arrive.

Ground Forces Task:

1. Slow the enemy column, destroying what you can, prioritising Air Defense Assets to enable VFA-27 to provide adequate air support.

2. Do not allow the column into Kavala itself or the Altean republic will capitulate.

3. Regroup with NATO reinforcements and join the assault on the enemy beachhead, stopping the invasion.

Air Corps Task:

1. Standard AAC support tasks - CASEVAC, ISTAR, CAS, RESUP.

2. Use the F/A-181s of VFA-27 to provide CAS in support of the main infantry effort.

3. Tactical relocation of infantry elements to support the NATO counter attack.

B. Intel Package

Map of AOR clearly displaying Drop Zone, Expected Enemy Route and Line of Maximum Retreat


C. Coordinating Instructions

Radio Frequencies

Platoon Net: 50.1

Air Coordination Net: 50.2

Air Corps Net: 50.3

Squad Level comms as directed by CoC

D. Materiel and Supply

Ground Elements:

2x HMG to be allocated to squad members

2x GMG to be allocated to squad members

1x Mortar to be carried by FAC (If available)


1x V-44 Blackfish Troop Transport

4x F/A-181 Wasp

2x UH-80 Ghosthawk

1x CH-47I Huron


SnrAM Jason



We are outnumbered by a vastly superior force. A stand up fight is not going to be to our benefit. Best course of action is to employ ambush tactics utilising all available tools at your disposal.

While CAS should be on station quite often, there are other problems that the AAC will face so be prepared for delays in CAS and have a back up plan in case the AAC are busy with something else.



OPORD: United Aid III


Operation: United Aid III

Map: Chernarus

To be played: 02/12/2017

Weather: Clear

Forecast: Overcast

Ingame Starting Time: 03:30

Starting Location: Balota Airstrip




Early morning of August 19.

Czech UN Forces successfully liberate Elektrozavodsk from the separatists, civilian casualties were substantial. As the remaining separatist forces withdraw north the UN persues but are halted at the Topolka Dam by heavy mortar fire somewhere near Msta.

August 21.

With separatists withdrawing North from Elektrozavodsk attempting to join up with their Russian allies reports come in of atrocities being committed in nearby towns.

August 22.

Russian occupation forces continue to withdraw from the area but fighting breaks out when Georgian forces, attempting to advance East from Solnichniy, cut off withdrawing separatists, they run into heavy resistance near Polana.



Area of Operations


601st SFG - This will be an early morning raid gentleman and I'm not going to lie to you once inserted you will be surrounded, were out numbered and out gunned if we run into Russian forces. It is essential that we break the separatist lines south of your insertion to allow support elements to push up and help with the liberation of Staroye and Msta. It is essential that you hit your LZ with accuracy, if we get spread out all hell will break lose.

Phase 1

1-1 - Insert via paradrop at marker, clear known separatist areas (OBJ1 & OBJ2) of all activity.

AAC - Provide insert, mortar support of OBJ1 & 2, clear the roads of mines to allow aid to pass through.


insert LZ

Phase 2

1-1 Liberate Msta (OBJ3), assault known mortar site provide aid to any survivors.

AAC - Clear the roads of mines to allow aid to pass through, provide medical support to 1-1.

Phase 3

1-1 - Clear the Pustoy mountain range (OBJ4) of separatist activity, destroy any assets found.

AAC - Clear the roads of mines to allow aid to pass through, provide medical support to 1-1.

Phase 4

1-1 - Liberate Staroye (OBJ5) assault known artillery site provide aid to any survivors.

AAC - Provide anvil/CAS support for the assault of Staroye. Once all mines have been cleared and the route is safe call for supplies to be sent to Msta & Staroye.

Phase 5

1-1 - Liberate Shakhovka (OBJ6) provide aid to any survivors.

AAC - Call for supplies to be sent to Shakhovka. Provide extract from Shakhovka. Support the Georgian assault of Polana.



2 x SU25J Frogfoot (Phantom)
4 x Mi8J (Raven)
2 x Mi24v (Zeus)
2 x M6 Mortar
1 x BMP2 (Aid support)
2 x BRDM2 (1 x MHQ 1 x Aid Support)


1-1 -

- ACE Advanced Medical

- Ensure route for UN supplies are safe (co-ordinate with AAC)

- Extra RPG-7 rounds at airbase


- For convenience there is a fast travel from the Balota Airstrip to Topolka Dam (2nd flag).
- AAC Resupply boxes available at Balota Airstrip & Topolka Dam (UN site).
- Kit selection & Medical supplies available at Balota Airstrip and Topolka Dam.

-Maptools and Rangecards are located at Topolka Dam

- AAC are in charge of the UN supplies safety at Topolka Dam, supplies must be loaded via ACE into each truck before using radio command to order the units to their relevant waypoint (co-ordinate with 1 Actual).

Radio Commands (Backspace, 0, 0)

Alpha - Staroye
Bravo - Msta
Charlie - Shakhovka

- The north is scattered with enemy AA/Artillery positions, destroy them if assets are able and not required to support 1-1.


OPORD: United Aid II


Operation: United Aid II

Map: Chernarus

To be played: 25/11/2017

Weather: Overcast, rain

Forecast: Overcast, rain, lightning

Ingame Starting Time: 05:00

Starting Location: Staging Point Ottokar



August 15.

Czech UN Forces have established themselves in Chernarus. 1Plt C Cpy has begun to patrol the East of the country. Russian occupation forces withdraw from Zelenogorsk, declaring their operations concluded. Nonetheless the security situation remains tense.

August 16.

It is discovered that a significant number of civilians have returned to Elektrozavodsk. The Chernarussian government sends a token force including a small group of police to defend the town.

August 17.

1Plt C Cpy of the Czech UN Forces receive instructions to move South along the coastal highway from Solnichniy. Their objective is reaching Elektrozavodsk. During the same night, Elektrozavodsk is shelled by mortars. Private properties are damaged. There are many wounded and several fatalities.

August 18.

1Plt C Cpy are attacked by ethnic Russian seperatists in Kamyshovo. Faced with a superior force, the militia withdraw, leaving behind resources captured from the humanitarian organisation IDAP. In spite of their success, 1Plt are forced to spend the night and delay their move into Elektrozavodsk. Again, there is shelling in the evening. Civilians take shelter in cellars and there are no fatalities, however the eastern part of the town is almost completely destroyed.

Early morning of August 19.

American UN forces covertly insert a Sniper team (“Yankee”) into the AO in support of 1Plt. They have no direct comms, however Yankee relays an increase of activity East of Elektrozavodsk. Yankee assumes that Seperatist militias will attempt to deny 1Plt entrance to the town.



Strategic Overview


Enemy forces


Pro-Russian Seperatists deployed  in Staroye (Taken August 12th)

The UN peace keeping mission is only beginning to establish themselves in the AO so intel is limited, however it is evident that the seize fire agreement is not being observed by Seperatist militias consisting of ethnic Russians and foreign fighters.

US Intelligence suggest strong militia cells in villages and hamlets North of Elektrozavodsk. Allegedly, Seperatists are being supplied by Russia and therefor able to field considerable conventional fighting power. Their hardware may include heavy machine guns, SPGs, ZU-23 AAA cannons, armed technicals as well as light mechanised assets. Their strength is unknown at this time.

The enemy’s objective is to lay siege to Elektrozavodsk and consequently ethnically cleanse the area. They will defend against any attempt to relieve the town. Their operations will likely be limited to harassment.




Area of Operations

Phase 1

1Plt to lift siege of Elektrozavodsk, enter the town and deliver humanitarian aid vehicles to town square.

Anvil to provide fire support, EOD capabilities and medical assistance as directed by 1-1 Actual.

Phase 2

1Plt to conduct foot patrol in Elektrozavodsk, visit points of interest, establish contact with local authorities and civilian populace. 1Plt to provide assistance of any kind possible.

Echo call signs to conduct further EOD tasking as needed in Elektrozavodsk. Once complete, RTB to deploy as Angel call sign.

Phase 3

Rendezvous with Yankee team and escort them to Elektrozavodsk Police Station.

Angel to provide ISTARS, CAS, logistics and medical assistance as needed.



1x Nemmera ("Bobcat") Armoured Vehicle

1x Prowler HMG

2x Prowler unarmed

1x IDAP Transport Truck

1x IDAP Water Truck

1x Mi-24D

1x Mi-17J



This is a UN mission, not a full on combat scenario. Our success is largely determined by our behaviour towards civilians and friendly forces.

Mission paramters may change during the course of our deployment.

In this mission, we will encounter a variation of mines, explosive devices, and unexploded ordnance. If we find an area containing the aforementioned we have to make an assessment and select the appropriate means of dealing with it.

The Anvil vehicle is capable of traversing areas containing UXO and AP mines and thus disabling them. All other types of explosive must be disarmed by hand.



OPORD: United Aid I


MISSION DTG: 18/11/17 1900hrs (BST)

OPORD: United Aid I

WEATHER: Overcast

FORECAST: Possible downpours

START DTG: 15/08/08 0900 Local 

START LOCATION: UN Logistics Centre, Western Chernarus


1: Mission Overview 

The situation in Chernarus has reached extreme levels and the UN have deployed security forces to the region.

Czech forces have landed at the main UN logistics hub and have been issued their UN equipment.

The company must now transit through the western Chernarus countryside towards the frontlines.


2: Specific Mission Parameters 

While the majority of the fighting is centred around the more heavily populated east of the country, separatist forces have moved west in an effort to perpetuate their ethic cleansing efforts against the Chernarussian population.

Golf Platoon will move south west along the MSR toward the front line, assisting other UN forces and civilians along the route as needed:


The platoon must stay flexible and adapt to anything that is thrown at them as they make their journey.


3: Intelligence 

The separatists are equipped with soviet off cast equipment and are not particularly well trained.

They do however know the terrain and will use this to their advantage.

UN forces have already prepared a supply depot on the MSR and the International Red Cross has set up an aid station nearby. You can get supplies from these places if needed.


4: Coordination 

Platoon Radio Net: 50.1 

Squad radio net as directed by COC.

Convoy radio net as directed by COC.


5: Logistics 

We have access to the following vehicles to take with us to the AO:

6x BMP-2

2x Merkava ARV

2x BMP-2 Ambulance


SnrAM Jason



This is an MHQ mission with no air support. The AAC will be deployed as "Anvil" in one or more of the ARVs. The AAC will be responsible for medical support, repair support for damaged vehicles and, if required, EOD support.

The ARVs can resupply and repair the vehicles so protect them, there are no replacements.

Personal resupply will be available only at the UN Supply Depot. You can either load up extra or fall back to the depot if needed. If the depot falls, so does your ammo supply.

Civilians and friendlies are confirmed in the AO. Look after them!

UN forces are wearing Blue helmets marked UN. Everything else should be considered hostile but PID your targets first.